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You can see photos or videos online of stray dogs with terrible mange. But scabies can also happen to your dog. If your dog scratches, he could have scabies.

What is scabies in dogs?

Manyis a parasitic skin disease to which most dogs are susceptible. The 2 most common types of mange in dogs are demodicosis and sarcoptic mange. Both are caused by mites. Demodectic mange. It is known as red mange or Demodex. Sarcoptic mange (called scabies in humans) is highly contagious. Symptoms and treatment are very similar. But it's the type of mites that cause scabies that makes the difference.

Symptoms of scabies in dogs.

The symptoms of both types of scabies are very similar. Your dog will become infested with mites, which will cause irritation leading to severe itching. Mites thrive in hairless areas, so you'll find them inside the ears, underarms, and on the abdomen. You will also see these signs:

  • Extreme itching, intense scratching and scaly skin
  • skin rash
  • The skin becomes red and inflamed
  • Bumps when mites burrow under the skin
  • Patches of hair loss from chewing and scratching
  • scab and scab
  • Open wounds and secondary skin infections
  • Possible swollen lymph nodes

Other signs that mange is causing your dog's itching include...

  • Treatments to relieve allergies or skin irritations do not work
  • For sarcoptic mange, small bites or marks on your dog's skin
  • Demodectic mange has a yeasty odor and you may see blackheads or an acne-like rash.

What is sarcoptic mange in dogs?

microscopic female mites,Sarcoptes scabiei,They burrow below the surface of the skin to lay eggs. The eggs hatch in 3 to 10 days and rise to the surface where they develop into adult mites and reproduce. The sarcoptic mite can survive for 5 days without a host. Adult mites live for 3 to 4 weeks. And the cycle repeats itself.

A study from the University of Nottingham conducted by Feather et al. of 2010 found that young dogs are more susceptible to sarcoptic mange, suggesting age-related immunity (1).

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Is sarcoptic mange contagious?

Yes. Sarcoptic mites spread on the surface of the skin, so this type of mange is highly contagious between animals and can be transmitted to humans. It is spread by direct contact and public areas. But mites can only complete their life cycle in dogs and some animals, not humans.

To minimize the spread, isolate your dog, keep him off furniture, and wash his bedding. Put your toys and bowls in the dishwasher. Isolate and treat other pets in your home if it has spread.

How is sarcoptic mange in dogs diagnosed?

It is difficult to obtain a definitive diagnosis for sarcoptic mange. That's because it's a microscopic mite that moves quickly, so skin abrasions can be negative. Several skin swabs may be required before mites or mite eggs are captured for viewing under a microscope.

but why isvery contagiousEven among humans, if you and other dogs in the house start to get itchy, chances are it's been passed on. So everyone has a case of sarcoptic mange. And if you have it, you will also notice a purple rash. Sometimes, in the absence of a better diagnosis, a vet will simply prescribe ivermectin (the same as the popular heartworm drug). If you treat scabies, the diagnosis is confirmed.

demodectic mange in dogs

Demodectic mange is the most common form of mange in dogs. It usually occurs in puppies that haveimmature immune systemswhich rapidly increase the number of skin mites.

Unlike sarcoptic mange, this cigar-shaped mite, whichdemodex dogit's anormal part of the skin flora of dogs and is usually harmless. They are passed from their mothers to the pups a few days after birth. Demodectic mites grow deep into hair follicles and easily stay there.

A dog with a healthy immune system keeps them in check. Dogs endangered by Demodex include:

  • Adult dogs or puppies with weak immune systems
  • Young dogs can develop spots that may fade with or without treatment.
  • Elderly, sick, abandoned or stray dogs with weak immunity
  • Sick dogs with cancer or diabetes.

A dog with demodicosis will shed hair in patches, but usually will not be severely itchy. Hair loss starts on the face, especially around the eyes. It can be localized in some areas or generalized in many areas.

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Is demodicosis contagious?

No, demodicosis is not contagious to other animals or humans. Demodex mites are passed from their mothers to their young shortly after birth. Because the mite is found on virtually all dogs, if a healthy dog ​​is exposed to a dog with a Demodex infection, it is unlikely to become infected.

How is demodicosis in dogs diagnosed?

Like sarcoptic mange, your vet will dig deep into your pocketskin abrasionsto diagnose this disease. However, since these mites are naturally present, you need to determine if there are more numbers than expected. Sometimes,As a last resort, a skin biopsy is performed.For dogs with chronic skin infections that have not responded to allergy treatments. It is the clinical diagnosis that determines if it is a parasite such as mites or an allergy.

Veterinary treatment of scabies in dogs.

Your vet will likely prescribe oral medications for canine mite infestations. Topical treatments often involve medications toHerzwurmDisease like Ivermectin and Interceptor. Selamectin is a spot treatment designed to kill fleas and ticks. But if you use natural methods to raise your dog, you are already aware of the dangers and toxicity associated with these two types of medications. More information on how to stop the spread of scabies using natural methods is coming soon.

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There's alime-sulfur bathused but iscorrosive, may causechemical burns on your dog's skin,damage your respiratory system, damage your eyesit is includedkill him if he drinks it! And there is an anti-seborrheic shampoo that offers temporary relief but suppresses the symptoms. Amitraz is a used insecticide. It's a systemic treatment with side effects like sedation, incoordination, slow heart rate, vomiting or diarrhea, plus swelling, redness, and itching...the very things you're trying to get rid of.

These methods areneurotoxicand penetrate the entire body of your dog, including the organs. And they are just as toxic to you as they are to your dog. Most of the methods have not been tested for decades and are undoubtedly the only treatment of choice.

Vets may also recommend steroid cream or tablets to reduce inflammation caused by itching. But steroids treat skin problems throughsuppression of the immune system.So they can stop the symptom (itching) but they won't cure the scabies.

Your vet may also recommend antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections of open wounds.But antibiotics are indiscriminate killers.They kill both good and bad bacteria and damage your dog's gut microbiome. And that's where you'll find 90% of your immune system. So when antibiotics kill off the beneficial bacteria in your dog's gut, pathogenic bacteria can take over and increase your dog's risk of disease.

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7 Natural Ways to Treat Mange in Dogs

Once treatment begins, your dog may remain infected with mites for 2-4 weeks until their life cycle stops. It is quite a commitment to take on these home remedies for scabies. And any dogs that come into contact with it in the home should also be treated. Therefore, you want to be consistent and diligent to ensure success.

1. Strengthening immunity.

It may be a coincidence that your dog was in the wrong place at the wrong time to contract sarcoptic mange. But if your immune system is weak, that's all it takes for a parasite like mites to take hold and take over. Healthy dogs with strong immunity are able to resist parasitic infections.

Says Homeopathic Veterinarian Dee Blanco DVMThe immune system is the epicenter of health.

It's really about supporting the immune system. That means giving things like mushrooms, DMG (dimethylglycine), and vitamins (C, D, A). Of course homeopathy and even echinacea or other herbs like turmeric. It's not easy, but scabies has to do with immune failure."

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2. Feed it a healthy diet

Like whole foods, the raw meat diet supports your dog's gut biome, including:Eating a healthy diet supports your skin's microbiometo replenish beneficial bacteria and boost your immune system. and you must get involvedprebiotics and probioticsas a vital fresh food source of enzymes.

3. Bathe your dog with safe ingredients

Most soaps and shampoos are too harsh and drying for irritated skin from a scabies condition. definitely youI don't want to use a "medicated" shampoowhich can irritate the sore skin of a dog with mange, as well as suppress disease that could exacerbate the mite problem. Use a natural shampoo without toxic ingredients for your dog's baths.

You should bathe if you have sarcoptic mange. Your dog once a week for about 3 weeks. When bathing your dog, take care to keep mites out of his clean environment. If your dog has demodicosis, he will need to be bathed twice a week, usually for several weeks.

Canine herbalist Rita Hogan recommendsNeem shampoos for dogs with sarcoptic mange.

4. Use deworming blends of herbs and oils

For sarcoptic mange, canine herbalist Rita Hogan recommends these deworming remedies.

  • Barbados walnut oil (Jatropha cruces): insecticide, antiparasitic and antifungal.
  • Neem oil with essential oil blend of palmarosa and geranium: this combination is antiparasitic, bacterial and antifungal.
  • Infusion of turmeric and neem oil

Recipes and uses for these herbs can be found here...

Caution: Some people recommend tea tree or clove oil, but these are toxic to dogs and should be avoided.

5. Natural treatment of scabies

Mite Avenge is a chemical free way to combat both types of scabies. The ingredient list includes essential oils, styrax benzoin, vitamin E, algae, dihydrogen dioxide, and disodium tetraborate (borax mixed with other ingredients for optimal results). The manufacturer gives detailed instructions on how to use the remedy for both types of scabies.

6. Quercetin

quercetinIt is found in many fruits and vegetables and haspowerful anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. Helps suppress cellular activity associated with inflammation, and that meansless itching!This has led to it being called Nature's Benadryl... without the drug side effects!

7. Natural antibiotics

If your dog has mange skin infections, there are natural antibiotics that will help, including:

  • olive leaf
  • Oregano oil
  • banana
  • Wonderful

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8. Decontaminate your home

If your dog has sarcoptic mange, you should decontaminate your home to stop the mites from spreading.

  • Wash your dog's bedding, towels, and clothing with a cup of borax in thehottest water possible. Also tumble dry on high heat.
  • Thoroughly vacuum floors, rugs, upholstery. If possible, steam them with borax to dissolve them. Change vacuum bags outside. If you use a bagless machine, add salt to the collection cup to crush the mites. Empty and wash outside.
  • Wash bare floors with hot water and borax.
  • Apply diatomaceous earth to vehicles, kennels, carpets, floors and baseboards, furniture, and mattresses where mites may reside. Dehydrates the exoskeletons of insects and parasites such as mites that cause death.
  • Wrap and seal soft items, rugs, and even furniture and store for several weeks to allow the mites to die.
  • If in doubt, remove your clothing and shower and wash again.

Within a few weeks of beginning the journey to better health and using natural remedies, your dog's skin should become healthier and his coat should grow back. And both you and your dog will be much happier.


1. Feather, L., Gough, K., Flynn, R.J.et al. A retrospective study of risk factors for sarcoptic mange in dogs. Parasitolres107,279–283 (2010)

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