Benjamin Moore Collingwood painting color review (2023)

Collingwood is a color created by Benjamin Moore. It is a neutral shade that was the first part of the Classics color collection. Benjamin Moore later included Collingwood in his Off-Whites collection due to his popularity and versatility.

Collingwood is a classic paint color that can work in many spaces. If you're looking for a color that works throughout the house or a hue that works in large, open spaces, read on for all the details about Collingwood by Benjamin Moore.

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Benjamin Moore Collingwood Lackfarbe

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Collingwood is a soft gray glaze color that falls into the greige category of grays. Greige paint colors are a mix of gray and beige.

Collingwood is on the lighter side of lacquer colors, but still has a bit of depth. Collingwood is not a super light gray, but I wouldn't call it a medium gray either.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood is a very classic and sophisticated type of enamel painting. It works in many different style homes including traditional, transitional, modern, contemporary, country, country, and more.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood LRV

Collingwood has an LRV of 62. The LRV scale runs from 1, which is completely black, to 100, which is completely white. As you can see, a 62 LRV tends toward the middle of the scale.

But it's still considered a light color that works in the light of a typical home.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood Untertone

All gray paint colors have undertones of green, blue, purple, pink, and/or beige. The trick to finding a gray color that works in your home is to find one that has undertones that complement the other shades in your space and that you like.

For example, a gray with purple undertones doesn't look good in a house with honey oak floors. The colors interact in such a way that the violet of the gray paint color is emphasized. Well, if you want purple walls, that's fine. However, if you want a soft gray, you probably won't be satisfied to find that they look like a light lavender.

So, all things considered, choose a gray paint color with undertones you can live with if they show up.

Returning to Collingwood...

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Collingwood is a gray paint color with purple undertones. They're not particularly pronounced, but you can see them in the right lighting or when other colors in the room make them stand out.

Collingwood also has a bit of beige. It doesn't have enough beige in it that it looks beige on the walls, but if you compare it to a true cool gray, you'll see that it also has a slight beige undertone to it.

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Is Benjamin Moore Collingwood warm or cold?

Against that beige undertone, Collingwood is a warm gray lacquer color. But it's not very warm. Rather, it leans a bit in that direction. Because of this, Collingwood works just as well in cooler, north-facing spaces as it does in warmer, south-facing spaces.

Warm, if too warm, Collingwood offers just enough subtle warmth to make a room feel comfortable.

What number is Collingwood?

As I mentioned, Collingwood is part of two different color collections. This means that it has two different codes or identifiers.

Collingwood was originally identified as 859 in Benjamin Moore's Classic Colors collection. It was later given the code OC-28 when Benjamin Moore included it in his Off-Whites collection.

Don't worry though, whether you prefer 859 Collingwood or OC-28 Collingwood, you'll get the same paint color.

Finish Colors for Benjamin Moore Collingwood

Collingwood pairs well with a few different trim colors.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood painting color review (3)

First of all, Collingwood looks fantastic in it.chantilly lace. Chantilly Lace is a very clean glossy white lacquer color with almost no undertones. This makes it the perfect trim color for almost any paint color.

Another great trim color for Collingwood issimply white. Simply White is a white lacquer color with some yellow and a hint of grey. If it's the whitest white in the room, it looks perfectly white. You'll only notice that it's a little softer if you compare it to a cleaner white (like Chantilly lace).

If you like white trim but want something that's not so bright white,simply whiteit's a good option

Where can I use Benjamin Moore Collingwood?

Collingwood is a great color for almost anywhere in the house. It works in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, entryways, and more. Since it's not super dark, you can even use it in basements.

It's also a great tone for an open floor plan because it's light and neutral, but still has a bit of interest.

Collingwood also serves as the base color for a whole house color scheme. You can use it in the main living areas and then paint separate rooms or accent walls in coordinating hues.

Matching colors for Benjamin Moore Collingwood

Collingwood pairs well with darker grays with similar undertones, gray, black, cream, white, navy, some pinks, and dark reds.

Here are two coordinating color schemes for Benjamin Moore Collingwood.

First, Collingwood is paired with Taos Taupe, a dark grey/taupe finish, and Mars Red, a deep burnt red finish. Together, this color scheme shows how well Collingwood can work with bold, expressive colours.

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Second, Collingwood is paired with Pewter, a medium gray lacquer color, and Night Shade, a rich dark brown. This coordinating color scheme for Collingwood shows how you can pair it with other neutral colors.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood painting color review (5)

If you like a softer color scheme, try pairing Collingwood with Cloud White or White Dove.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood in comparison

If you're considering Collingwood, you're probably considering several other light gray paint colors as well.

So, let's compare Collingwood to several other popular warm gray paint colors: Revere Pewter, Balboa Mist, Edgecomb Gray, and Agreeable Grey.

Perhaps this color comparison will help you decide which warm gray paint color is right for you.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood a Revere Pewter

Benjamin Moore Collingwood painting color review (6)

Revere Pewter is a popular warm gray color. While Revere Pewter has risen or fallen in popularity depending on today's design style for warm tones in the home, it remains one of Benjamin Moore's best-selling paint colors.

Revere Pewter is a gray lacquer color that tends toward beige rather than gray. It's a bit darker than Collingwood, though it's not particularly noticeable.

If you compare Revere Pewter to Collingwood, you'll see that Revere Pewter has a greener undertone. Also, Revere Pewter has a lot more beige than Collingwood.

This makes Revere Pewter warmer in tone than Collingwood. Collingwood is more like a gray compared to Revere Pewter beige.

When trying to decide between Revere Pewter and Collingwood, opt for Revere Pewter if you want a warmer hue to offset cooler light or to pair with warmer tones. Choose Collingwood if you want a grayer color that's warm to the touch but not too beige.

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Benjamin Moore Collingwood y Balboa Mist

Benjamin Moore Collingwood painting color review (7)

Balboa Mist is a lighter color than Collingwood but is similar in many ways.

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Balboa Mist is another gray lacquer color with purple undertones. However, Balboa Mist purple is slightly more pronounced than Collingwood purple. If you compare the two, Collingwood looks a bit more grey.

If you're sure you want a gray with a purple undertone, both Balboa Mist and Collingwood are great choices.

Balboa Mist is slightly better in a room that doesn't get as much natural light because it has a higher LRV. However, if your room has an average amount of light, I would recommend getting Collingwood and Balboa Mist sample squares to see what works best in your room.

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Benjamin Moore Collingwood y Edgecomb Grey

Benjamin Moore Collingwood painting color review (8)

Edgecomb Gray is a third gray enamel color from Benjamin Moore. While Collingwood tends towards grey, Edgecomb Gray suggests something more beige.

If you compare Collingwood to Edgecomb Grey, Edgecomb Gray looks like a beige and Collingwood looks like a gray. On their own, however, each can appear as a warm gray.

Both Edgecomb Gray and Collingwood are beautiful neutrals that work in many spaces. The one you choose for your room depends on whether you want a more beige or more gray color.

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Benjamin Moore Collingwood contra Pleasant Gray

Benjamin Moore Collingwood painting color review (9)

Pleasant Gray is a Sherwin Williams Greige paint color. is very popular Like Collingwood, Agreeable Gray tends towards gray rather than beige.

Collingwood and Pleasant Gray are quite similar. They are about the same depth and a similar mix of gray and beige. However, Pleasant Gray has green undertones, while Collingwood is purple.

If you're considering Collingwood, I recommend you also consider Pleasant Grey. Pleasant Gray is one of those paint colors that has proven itself in millions of homes and factories. Plus, Pleasant Gray is more likely to be paired with coordinating colors, making it a bit more versatile.

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Be sure to pick up a sample square of both to find out which is best for you.

Wondering how to choose the perfect paint color?

I have the best solution for you!

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These clean peel and stick rectangles are made from real paint, so they show you exactly what your paint color will look like.

Simply place them on your walls next to your panels, furniture, or fixtures and easily see if the paint colors work in your space and with your lighting. Then peel the foil off the wall and re-position it elsewhere if you like!

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Sample sheets really are the easiest (and fastest!) way to test a color in your home with no mess.

Final Thoughts on Benjamin Moore Collingwood

Collingwood is a beautiful warm gray paint color with purple and beige undertones. It's a great shade that feels warm and cozy without being too beige.

If you're looking for a warm gray paint color, be sure to check out Collingwood!

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