Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (2023)

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When it's aboutquality tequila, there are manybig tequila brandsas there are varieties of wines or whiskeys. And each bottle has itsunique flavor profile and ingredients. It can be a little tiring trying to learn it all, especially as there seems to be anew tequila brandoccurs almost daily.

Then there are batch levels likeBrancooTalk,OldoRestful. then there is themuch better aged tequilas that use charred oak barrels for a much more complex flavor profile. I have tried using only Blanco and Plata options for this article as when you enter theother types of tequila, things get more "messy" and much more expensive.

And by comparing the most "basic" tequilas from each distillery, I think you get a better "view" of their products as ifo still doesn't make a solid starter bottle, I very much doubt that the aging or distillation process makes things so dramatically different that I like their more expensive products.

So I compiled atop list of the best tequilasthat the world has to offer so that you can drink something that can bedrink and have fundespite the booze, some bars try to pass it off as a tasteful tequila. Some of these distilleries have been around for 200 years, others for less than 10. But allyou know how to make great tequilas.

The Brands

The best tequila brands

This list of the best tequila brands comes from experience. I've been lucky enough to try all of these brands and more. If you love great tequila, check out the rest of my site for the best tequila recipes and more.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (1)

White Fortress


Fortaleza Blanco is sold in handcrafted bottles, and although the company was 'founded' in 2005, the family's tradition in tequila dates back over 150 years. It really is a very interesting story and you should give it a quick This 100% agave tequila is double distilled in copper stills and leaves behind citrus flavors, cooked agave, vanilla, basil, olive and lime. And butter, yes, creamy butter. A unique collection of flavors that does just of the best white tequilas.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (2)

BOTTOM tequila


LALO Tequila is one of the few distilleries that only produces one tequila. Their Blanco is whatever Don Julio's grandson is currently producing. This is a solid drink that has citrus notes and is smooth with a nice bite on the finish. Made to be simple and true to tequila tradition, with absolutely no additives. At around $40 a bottle, this is a must-try. One ofbest tequilas on this list!

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (3)

Silver Eight Tequila


Tequila Eight Silver isone of the best tequilason this list and I highly recommend it. If you really want to enjoy great tequila, this is the place to start. At around $45 a bottle, this company has some of the best low-end options available. And they do it right. They "distribute" their tequila based on where it's grown. This means that each agave field produces its own batch of tequila, so you really get to experience the soil of that area.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (4)

Casamigos Branco


Casamigos Blanco is a tequila created by friends George Clooney, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. But unlike many of the strictly bottled approved brands, this one is actually ahigh quality tequila. They got it right. Clean drink without burning, has a citrus and vanilla touch and is smooth. I prefer this cold when making shots or with ice to drink. For those of you who don't like the white spirit on the end, this is for you. Distilled twice in copper pot stills, the bottle costs about $40. A decent price for a very smooth tequila.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (5)

Cazadores Blanco Tequila


Cazadores Blanco Tequila is an older distillery that has been around since 1922. This is a really smooth bottle that leaves no aftertaste. Perfect for drinking neat or on the rocks. And for the price, about $40 a bottle, it's a great option for a premium bottle. It has strong citrus notes and lighter flavors of honey, vanilla and cinnamon. I personally like this best with ice.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (6)

blue class silver tequila


Clase Azul Tequila Plata is a surprisingly smooth drink that requires no ice to be enjoyed neat. Slightly sweet, it ends on a peppery note that isn't harsh at all, making it one of the smoothest silver tequilas on our list. It's also pricier, around $140 for a 750ml bottle. Or try the company's premium bottle of Clase Azul Day of the Dead Tequila, which costs around $900 a bottle. The Clase Azul bottle is beautiful and the Day of the Dead bottle is a skull that actually looks really cool.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (7)

Teremana Tequila


Gotta love all these celebrity brands popping up everywhere. Teremana Tequila is another, this time with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the helm, and on the other hand, I really like him as an actor. This small batch tequila is affordably priced at just over $30 a bottle and comes in nice packaging as far as I'm concerned. Flavor-wise, it's smooth but has a slight bite like most Blancos. It has light agave notes with a slight kick on the finish. Good with ice and great mixer. Overall good at this price.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (8)

Espolon Blanco Tequila


Espolòn Blanco Tequila is a great bottle to have in any bar at home, especially for mixed drinks, as this tequila is not expensive, as it is one of the bottles on our list that has not aged at all, but is smooth enough to drink straight. . I really like the light pepper flavor that balances well with the vanilla and citrus flavor notes. Overall, a well-balanced blanco tequila, light and not harsh, which is surprising for a less expensive bottle.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (9)

Jose Cuervo Silver


Jose Cuervo is the brand most Americans are familiar with, albeit the world. And for good reason, Cuervo is Mexico's oldest licensed distillery, dating back over 200 years and responsible for most of the tequila imported into the US to date. This is definitely a blend bottle and it definitely has that "tequila kick" you would expect from Blanco drinks. At around $30 a bottle it's a good buy, but for drinking I'd rather pay a little more for something a little smoother.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (10)

silver wonder


Milagro Silver is an unaged double mouth tequila, meaning the agave flavor shines through without added flavors. This tastes clean and sweet and is great for mixing. While neat it was pretty smooth but not what I would want in a $50 bottle. The price is a little high for a tequila blend for me. While I like the Milagro Select Añejo, it ages 18-24 months and gives you a much better sipping experience and only a few bucks more.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (11)

Herradura Tequila


Herradura Tequila is a lightly aged (45 days) Blanco tequila that is affordable and good enough to mix or drink straight. It has a bit of acidity on the finish, but the light aging really makes the difference. Perfect for making cocktails or a nice margarita on the rocks. Or over ice with a touch of lemon. Citrus and cinnamon notes. At around $40 a bottle, it's worth a try. Reminds me of Don Julio Blanco only cheaper. Or try the company's Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila for around $300.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (12)

Olmeca Altos PlataTequila


That's sureone of the best affordable optionsfrom the list and is perfect for making margaritas or even drinking with ice. As a neat drink, there's still that bite that less expensive tequilas are known for. But at around $25 a bottle, this is one that offers a good flavor profile at a great price.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (13)

Don Julio White Tequila


Don Julio® may be a name you've come across before, as it's an older brand that was introduced to the US some time ago. This is one of my favorite tequilas to drink straight and has a rich smoky flavor from its two year aging in oak barrels. And if you have some extra cash, check out the "ultimate" Ultima Reserva, the best they have to offer. But it costs around $600 a bottle. Don't worry, Blanco is usually under $40 and is a great place to get high on their fine tequilas.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (14)

silver pattern


Patrón Silver is another more common "Upscale" tequila and known around the world. This newest brand started in 1989 and has since changed the entire "Premium Tequila" scene, proving that quality bottles are nice. The smallest bottle is about $50 and the largest is $100. Not bad for a premium tequila with absolutely no added preservatives. And if you want super quality, try the Patron Limited Edition 10 Years Tequila Extra Anejo which costs from $300 to $400 a bottle. A little pricey, but worth it!

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (15)

818 Tequila


818 Blanco Tequila is named after the area code and the company's focus is on being eco-friendly. Their distillery runs on biomass and solar energy and their waste is turned into bricks that they donate to projects across Mexico. Now, on the not so good end, this is celebrity tequila with Kendal Jenner starting the company in 2021. Since then, the company has been busy withpacking process. This younger tequila has strong vanilla notes, almost to the point where you'd think it was soaked. If you like your tequila on the sweet side with heavy flavors this will be a must try.

What are the different types of tequila?

There are 3 main types of tequila, but for this article I wanted to use the Blanco or Plato versions from each distillery to get an idea of ​​what your most basic tequila tastes like. I've generally found that if they make a great basic drink, their higher quality tequilas are even better. Here are the top 3 types of tequila distilled today…

White ή Silver

Blanco, Plata or sometimes even silver tequila are labels for the most basic tequilas. These are always pure and never aged, so you can taste the purest forms of the still. These are commonly used by people to make mixed drinks such asoriginal margarita recipesas they are usually a bit "harder" as they haven't softened with the aging process. And they are the cheapest bottles in each company's portfolio.

I have found that if I like a Blanco tequila from a distillery, I generally always like their more aged products. After all, this is where it all starts and if you can't distill a solid Blanco then the rest isn't worth mentioning either.


Reposado is the Spanish word for "rested" and is used to describe the aging process of tequila in wooden barrels aswhiskeyfor at least two months to a year. Here the tequila takes on different flavors depending on the wood used for the barrels and the amount of charring, if any, in the barrels.

All of this equates to a more complex flavor profile, just like an aged whiskey. For tequila, flavors often include caramel and vanilla notes, as well as other flavors.

The process takes time and some of the tequila is lost during the process, which equates to higher prices for a Reposado tequila. But if you like to drink your tequila neat, the extra cost is worth it.


Añejo tequila is aged from one to three years and is among the finest and most expensive bottles available. The aging process takes place in wooden barrels and the longer aging time extracts more flavor from each barrel and mellowssoftens the fluidto a much higher degree, making Añejo tequilas thethe best tequilas available.

Again, due to time, storage, and evaporation, prices for these tequilas rise significantly, often starting at at least $100 for the most basic bottle. Created for true tequila andmezcal connoisseur, when you are presented with one, drink it slowly and enjoy the best that tequila has to offer.

Best tequila brands from top to bottom! (Updated 2023) | Luxury drinks! (16)

Which celebrities own tequila brands?

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