Bring your 70's themed party to life with these fun and original ideas (2023)

Bring your 70's themed party to life with these fun and original ideas (1)

Take him back to one of the most colorful decades with a 70s themed party! This wildly popular theme is perfect for birthday parties, engagement parties, and even a good old-fashioned get-together with your friends. If you're planning a disco-themed celebration, consider this your checklist of fun decor, food, activity, and invitation ideas for throwing one of the coolest '70s parties.

Fun party decorations and 70s style ideas

Bring your 70's themed party to life with these fun and original ideas (2)

Looking for psychedelic party ideas? Break the platforms, the polyester and the tiaras! Here are some can't-miss party decorating ideas to transform your space into the ultimate 70s party.

disco ball

Is it really a 70s themed party without a disco ball? Whether you're hosting at home or at a venue, make sure you have a giant mirror ball on the ceiling above the dance floor. You can also find smaller disco balls to place on your table as a fun centerpiece. Whatever you decide, these dazzling decorations are sure to make everyone want to show off their"Saturday Night Fever" Moves.

bead curtains

Add some 70s flair to your home or party venue with sparkly curtains. This is a super fun way to turn your place into a disco paradise. Hang beaded curtains to create a fun backdrop for a DIY photo booth, or use them as entryway curtains to add a bit of ambiance when people walk in.

lava lamps

Bring some color and retro flair to your 70s themed party with a lava lamp or two. They make amazing centerpieces, especially if you turn down the lights and enjoy dinner in the warm, modern glow. If you're not hosting a dinner party, lava lamps are also a great way to light up your space for disco dancing, board games, or trivia.

Strobe lighting and smoke machines

Nothing says "party time" like over the top lighting and a smoke machine. Take your 70s themed party to the next level by investing in multi-colored strobes, neon lights, and other dance floor classics to create a real party atmosphere. You can rent them at a party supply store or ask around to see if someone you know has them from the old days.

Our Favorite '70s Themed Party Activities

Whether you're hosting a dance party or a cozy get together, these party activities and games will help you create the perfect '70s-era experience.

roller disco

Even if you're not hosting your 70s-themed party at a local skating rink, you can still recreate that classic disco look with your party decorations and activities. For an outdoor children's birthday party, ask the young guests to bring their own skates. Use your backyard or garage to play âfreeze suffer, which is a fun version of the classic frozen dance game. Make surecreate an amazing playlist to keep the spirit of the 70s alive.

70's music contest

Guests will roll up their polyester sleeves to see who can get the highest score on their '70s music quiz. This is the perfect opportunity to test your knowledge of '70s greatest hits. See who can guess the title of the song and the artist. in the introduction and take part in a round of trivia questions about famous musicians and bands of the day.

Disco Dance-Off

while theBee Gees design, "You should be Dancing!" Ask guests to come to your disco party in their best 70s costumesaWe're talking casual suits, jumpsuits, flared pants, and platform shoes to make disco even more fantastic. Upload a playlist of hits from the Bee Gees, Donna Summer and James Brown and dance your way to crowning a winner.

pass the disco ball

Want a modern twist on the hot potato? Pass around a mini disco ball and if the music stops when you're holding the disco ball, you're out. The last one standing wins a '70s-themed prize, like a pet rock or mini lava lamp. This game is a fun and relaxed way to end the night and works great for groups of all ages.

Delicious food and drink for 70's parties

Bring your 70's themed party to life with these fun and original ideas (4)

Drawing: Owl and Frog

You can't throw a party without delicious treats for your guests to enjoy. Take everyone back to the '70s with some of these cool food and drink ideas.

fast food classics

We love the idea of ​​keeping it simple and retro with 70s party food and drink, and that's where fast food classics come in. Serve up burgers, hot dogs, and fries, plus delicious, freshly made shakes. You can even create your own brand of fast food for the occasion and make your own labels, tablecloths, and signs.

sweet and salty fondue

Present your guests with the best classic hippie party and prepare the fondue set. Sweet and savory fondues are great options for a themed gathering and provide the perfect opportunity for conversation, relaxation and banter over dinner. Make sure you have a good supply of fruit, cookies, and other yummy things to dip into your chocolate, cheese, or other gooey and funky sauces.

Classic Cocktails

With all this delicious food, your guests will want something equally special to go with it. That's where classic-era cocktails can come in. Mix up a Blue Hawaii or serve up a Padrino to your dancing friends. For a variety of authentic drinks from the era, check out this list of70s themed cocktails. Don't forget to serve mocktails to your non-drinking guests or younger partygoers.

super fun jelly

Who loves jelly? We do! This party classic is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Make it even more fun by using fun molds to create weird and wonderful shapes like peace signs, sandcastles, hearts, shoes, rainbows, and anything else you like. Also, you can send your guests home with a box of jelly and a fun mold as favors for a themed party.

Send the best invitations for 70s themed parties

Bring your 70's themed party to life with these fun and original ideas (5)

Diseño: Signature Greenvelope

Start the fun off right with one of these boogielicious70s party invitations. There's something here for any '70s themed party, whether you're into disco or just want that '70s color palette.

What to include in 70s themed party invitations

Be sure to include all the party must-haves on your invitations, including the event date, time, location, and the reason for the celebration in the first place. either ababy tea, birthday or big milestoneBirthday Party, your guests should know.

Once the basics are covered, be sure to mention the dress code. For most '70s themed parties, you'll want your guests to come dressed to impress in the decade. If you are serving food, please mention that here as well; you could also have onefiesta juninaand ask everyone to bring their favorite dish of the season.

Vintage Tie Dye by Convite

Bring your 70's themed party to life with these fun and original ideas (6)

how cool is thisvintage tie dye treat? Anyone who understands this knows that they will be entertained by lots of fun music, party games and delicious retro food.

Peace, Love and Party Invitation

Bring your 70's themed party to life with these fun and original ideas (7)

Designer: Jessie Steury

There's nothing like a peace sign to say this is a '70s themed party! It'sIt's great for a baby shower, birthday party, or just getting together and celebrating the good times.

Get a wonderful invitation

Bring your 70's themed party to life with these fun and original ideas (8)

Diseño: Signature Greenvelope

Lock in some beautifully bold colors and strong lines with this one.receive a nice invitation. We love the fun, modern take on the '70s color palette, with that classic retro pickup taking center stage.

Throw the best 70s themed party ever

With these tips and ideas, you can throw one of the most fabulous 70's parties your guests will ever see. Decorate your space with disco balls galore, serve up your own fast food masterpieces, and hit the dance floor to crown the disco king or queen. To get started, start creating youronline invitationsto inform guests about this totally psychedelic party that they won't want to miss.

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