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Was the concrobium mold control carried out?

Several articles online have advised readers on how to make their own mold killer. Products made from natural ingredients such asBoraxoressential oil. There's even advice on how to prepare aMake your own laundry detergent, as well as some insights into the effectiveness ofantifungal supplementsEantifungal diets. This is most likely why many commercial mold removal products are ineffective and just as - if not more - dangerous to the consumer's health. In recent years, however, one product - Concrobium Mold Control - has caught the attention of mold remediation experts. Could this product be as effective against mold as it claims?

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Concrobium currently offers three mold removal products, two of which target surface and embedded mold stains, creating a mold prevention layer on a variety of surfaces, including decks and cabinet exteriors. While all three products contain the same key ingredients and serve similar purposes, the only product being researched today is the one that has been specifically hailed as a mold killer: Mold Control.

The manufacturers of Concrobium Mold Control claim that their product is"innovator", "market leader",is that"Effectively eliminates existing mold, prevents mold from growing back, and eliminates musty odors without harmful chemicals."They add that you get it all"no bleach, ammonia or VOCs",but that"It works as it dries, breaking up mold spores at the roots, leaving behind an invisible antimicrobial barrier to prevent future mold growth."Finally, they invite potential consumers to do so"Trust Concrobium products to remove mold quickly and safely without bleach or other harmful chemicals."

The validity of your claims and the basis of your confidence as a consumer in this specific mold killer andOther Concrobium Mold Removal Productsit should be based on the potency of its ingredients, and this is exactly what is discussed below.

Entering prepare to fight o mofo Concrobium

Concrobium Mold Control is a patented solution composed of purified water, sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) and trisodium phosphate. Together, this unique tri-salt polymer (three salts) is highly alkaline (not acidic), which gives it a huge advantage over mildew.

Molds mirror the human body favoring a certain balance between acidity and alkalinity. Both thrive between 6.5 and 7.5 on the pH scale, but mold can survive between 2 and 9. Anything below 6.5 is considered acidic, while anything above 7.5 is considered increasingly alkaline. . Concrobium Mold Control achieves a pH balance of 11+ which (assuming the highest is 14) makes this a very powerful alkaline solution for killing mold. While mold can remain dormant in an acidic environment for a while, it cannot survive for long in an environment with high alkalinity, which is one of the reasons so manyAntifungal diets prescribe alkaline foods.

Also, once this tri-salt polymer is sprayed into the mold itself, it starts to dry out. Molecules in the solution dehydrate and stick together, breaking up existing mold spores and their colonies. Even when the solution dries and is left on the fungus-infested area for several months, it still leaves a permanent alkaline barrier that prevents the possibility of fungus regrowth. That's exactly what the company claims.

How to use Concrobium Mold Control

Mold removal with Concrobium Mold Control is so easy, even in 3 minutesLehrvideo,They only take about 40 seconds to explain how to clean mold with their product. The other 2+ minutes are devoted to general methods of mold awareness and damp elimination.

As always, if you find mold in your home and intend to use some type of product in your home, make sure you've taken the necessary steps to not only start the mold removal process, but also to prevent mold. in the future. It starts with humidity control, which you can read aboutHere.

Now that you've gotten rid of excess moisture and cleaned the area of ​​dirt and other debris, you can now focus on how to clean mold with Concrobium Mold Control:

Step 1: Apply a thin, even layer to the mold-affected area.

Step 2: Allow to dry completely.

Step 3: Scrub the surface with a damp cloth or brush to remove any remaining stains and mildew residue.

Step 4: Repeat if necessary in case of severe mold infestation.

Step 5: To prevent future mold growth, apply another thin, even coat to vulnerable surfaces and do not wipe.

Concrobium Mold Control Review

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Years ago, a writer fromMoldBlogger received Concrobium Mold Controlmold test. Unfortunately, no moldy opportunities came along. The disappointment of not having a mold problem might seem a bit ironic, but the chance to discover a commercial mold killer that actually works would have been a great discovery.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of other consumers who have given countless testimonials over the years. Most swear by the effectiveness of Concrobium's claims, while a small number have raised questions about the ingredients themselves. Some have mistakenly assumed that mold control is just a bottle of water and baking soda, but that's not true. As mentioned, Concrobium has developed a specific measurement of three different salts. Without this tri-salt polymer combination, Mold Control would not have the same alkalizing effect that it does. Baking soda alone may not be as successful as thousands have claimed with this solution, which is why you won't find an article on MoldBlogger claiming that baking soda and water alone will solve your mold problems.

Sea reviewer on AmazonConditions:"While some people are quick to point out that the only active ingredient is sodium carbonate, which acts as an ionic 'desiccant', looking at the SDS - provided on the Concrobium website - one can clearly see a proprietary blend of 1- 5% Trisodium Phosphate, which is extremely corrosive and makes for true "mold remediation" when using this product."– Jim

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Where to find Concrobium Mold Control

Concrobium Mold Control is available at hardware and agricultural supply stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and Tractor Supply. You can also buy it from third parties on Amazon. Depending on the size of the infestation and the mold cleaning methods you choose, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Some areas and methods require nothing more than a sponge and your 32. oz. Spray bottle. Other more extensive cases may require the need for aConcrobium Mold Control Nebulizer.

Final Thoughts on Controlling Concrobium Molds

While there is no guarantee that you will succeed in every mold situation with Concrobium Mold Control, the ingredients themselves and testimonials support the idea that this is the first commercial mold killer that can live up to its claims. As far as mold removal products go, the simple ingredients in Concrobium Mold Control far outweigh all others, vetted by mold experts who care not only about eliminating mold, but also about protecting their readers from the adverse effects of molds. chemicals that kill mold. Not only are they less harmful than other anti-mold products that typically contain just bleach, they work where it counts most - on the mold cells and roots.

If you're ready to try Concrobium Mold Control for your mold issues, please share your experiences in the comments below. Your testimonial with this and all other mold control solutions on MoldBlogger is very important for readers who suffer from mold.

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Article by Amanda Demsky from the Moldblogger team.

Concrobium mold control - Schimmel-Blogger (19) Announcement

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