Granite Countertops in Chantilly, VA (2023)

In certain cultures, food, cuisine and culinary habits are at the center of family and social life. And in some houses, the kitchen becomes the place where a lot happens: not only lunches and dinners, but also cooking, baking and much, much more. Therefore, you should always feel comfortable in this room and make it your own as much as possible. And for that, nothing better than choosing the right material for your kitchen and having a great installation:Sky Marble wants to make sure you make the right choice.!

Countertops come in endless shapes, colors and styles – there really are a million possibilities and there's no chance of getting bored. The options in today's market make it very difficult for us customers to choose just one and stick with it. Or is it just me?

For reasons of beauty and practicality, granite is still the number one choice for kitchen countertops, and not just them! You've probably seen beautiful and shinygranite countertopsin some kitchens/rooms right now, but have you ever wondered why this material is so ingrained in kitchen design?

There are many reasons why homeowners are purchasing granite countertops in Chantilly VA.

  • Granite is a very strong material, much stronger than most other common countertop materials and resistant to scratches and knife cuts, which can be useful on a kitchen surface.
  • It's also heat-resistant, so hot pots and pans won't add to your worries.
  • If sealed, it will not absorb stains or liquids, making it waterproof and well maintained for years.

And that doesn't even scratch the surface (pun intended) of the great material that is granite – not only is it a functional and practical idea for countertops, it also impresses when implemented in your environment. The variety of colors it presents is huge, and some of them can contribute to your space in different ways, such as making it look much bigger than it really is, or lighter and airy. Honestly, those are two great features to definitely look out for in your space!

– How to choose the perfect color for your kitchen?

You must be wondering, and you are right, which color is best suited for your space. Also, you can read our previous articlearticle here >> READ

Granite comes in an endless list of equally gorgeous colors, and to help you combat the overwhelming feeling of endless options, I'm here to your rescue. Now I will introduce some types and colors of granite and which kitchen style to combine them with:


This precious stone can be used as a surface for a more contemporary kitchen. The white cabinets, built-in sink and matte black hardware will create a stunning color scheme when paired with the beautiful matte black design.

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Photo credit |Karen Biwersiand the designer's point of view

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You'll find this material paired with many kitchen styles, from contemporary to modern. This stone can be paired with a variety of cabinet colors, so you won't have to worry about color combinations! If you have a black cabinet or prefer wood tones, this surface will help you create a very interesting contrast in your space!

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author of the photoKathleen Walsh Interiores, LLC


Alaska White is the perfect match for white cabinets and dark hardware. It can be used both in more traditional kitchens and in modern kitchens, depending on which one you prefer and which one you choose.

Interested? We love it!

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Photo credit |Cielo Marbles and Granites, INC.


This beautiful dark stone can be found in country and minimalist kitchens. With stainless steel appliances and white cabinets, you'll get a gorgeous result.

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Photo credit |Designed by Paul Moon


This earth tone stone will blend in perfectly with your traditional kitchen and look even more beautiful when paired with stainless steel appliances. Create a stunning color scheme with cabinets in earth tones or white tones!

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Photo credit |Nicholson Builders


Have you chosen yours yet? You can find a variety of other stones.hereAnd if you want more information, you can request a quote at home! What are you waiting for?

  • What to consider/expect when choosing granite over other stones?

Beautiful is incredible, but when renovating a delicate area like the kitchen, the first thing to take into account is the durability of the material. Find the perfect compromise between beauty and solidity!

Thinking about the long term is a great friend when renovating or building, remembering that you won't be doing it again anytime soon, and it's better to spend a little more upfront than having the work of changing or redoing that space per year more afternoon. year.

When purchasing granite, you can expect a durable material – something you want to keep. Granite is extremely durable and, if properly cared for and cared for, will last (almost) forever!

And of course, since our eyes also need a feast, the colors and styles in which it is presented become extremely important. We promise there's enough for everyone and so many variations that your head will spin, but let yourself fall in love with your favorite and start your new kitchen!

And in case you're wonderingWhere do all these nuances and variations come from?it really depends on the combination of minerals in the stone. Some contain more potassium than others, giving them a salmon color, while others are whiter and lighter in color.

But let's talk about numbers. Another thing to consider is price: you don't want to go overboard and be forced to cut back on your basic needs. Well, good news here: granite is reasonably affordable! Of course, the final price really depends on the quality of your stone, but the average price is around $75 per square foot. Not bad, right? Think of the final look you'll achieve: flawless

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You can check the variety of colorshere

  • Is it easy to clean?

Yes Yes Yes! A thousand times yes: granite is easy to clean and maintain.

As mentioned above, a well-sealed granite countertop won't absorb liquids or stains, but every now and then (depending on how often you use the kitchen and how messy it makes) you can wipe it down to make it look shinier!

Things to be completely avoided areacid cleaners. Lemon, lime, vinegar… not a good idea. We strongly discourage the use of ammonia and bleach - not a good combination for granite.

In fact, all of these products will greatly weaken your sealant if overused, and we definitely don't want that to happen.

If you aregently tryingyour granite will last longer: what we recommend is warm water, detergent and a cloth. Easy as it comes!

By following these guidelines, you will have a new, flawless and shiny surface. How amazing?

  • Tendencies

Granite is a surface that has been used for years, and the trend is definitely not on its downward curve. Many still fall in love with its colors and use it for countertops around the world!

We must admit that more than a fashionable granite is a certainty: you will not only find it in many public places, but also in countertops, sculptures, sinks and much more! – but adapts to the most different people, social classes and styles.

It really doesn't matter what kind of kitchen you're planning, you'll find a stone color that will suit your space and blend in perfectly with your style, making your kitchen elegant and impeccable.

Remember, choosing the right countertop is important! Not only does it take up a large chunk of your space, but it can also be used to modify your surroundings, making the space bigger, more elegant, or accenting other materials. Designers all over the world are coming up with creative solutions to make homeowners happy, like combining two different types of granite... can you imagine the effect?

If you're worried about ever-changing trends, just don't be! Granite is always “in” and is a guilt-free choice: practical, durable and affordable for most.

Talk to your designer and make sure you love the end result – enjoy your granite!

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  • whipped cream city

The town of Chantilly, located in the northern part of beautiful Virginia, is named after an early 19th century mansion and farmhouse, which was named after an early 18th century plantation inWestmoreland County, Virginia.The name “Chantilly” appeared in France with theCastillo de Chantilly– Château de Chantilly-, about 25 miles north ofParis.

The city with almost twenty-four thousand inhabitants hides great treasures for all tastes.

If you enjoy outdoor walks, Ellanor C. Lawrence Park is a great option, or if you're planning a Sunday with the family, Frying Pan Farm Park is a great place to see animals and take a farm tour. ! If you are passionate about aviation, visit the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, an extremely interesting museum; If you're more of a historian then we have the perfect solution: check out the Sully Historic Site and find out more about the Civil War! We are waiting for you in Chantilly!

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