Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (2023)

jungle juice!? Yes! You heard me right.

When I was in the hospital I was given a prescription to make Jungle Juice to increase my milk production. This was of great value to me as I have been in and out of the hospital and had to switch between breast and bottle a few times.

What surprised me is how many people are taking medication to increase breast milk and have never heard of "Jungle Juice" before. If you're having trouble with your breast milk production, give it a try. If you're not struggling, this can only help give your body that extra boost.

The main ingredient of Jungle Juice is Sloe Blackthorn Berry Elixir. This will help you increase your milk supply even when taken alone (if taking alone, add 1 tablespoon in a glass of water 3 times a day).

How long should the baby sleep?

Jungle juice recipe


  • 1 liter apple juice, grape juice or berry juice (liquifruit/ceres/joy/wide)
  • 1 liter of water
  • 60 ml sloe sloe berry elixir
  • 1 Electropac Rehydrated Blackcurrant or Raspberry sachet

In an empty 2 liter cold drink bottle, mix the above ingredients together and refrigerate. If possible, drink 2 liters in 24 hours or drink a glass with each feeding. You can also add 8-10 drops of Rescue Remedy to each glass you drink.


More ideas to increase your milk production

  1. Add fresh ginger to your diet. Try a slice in tea or grated into food. Stoney's Ginger Beer is ineffective because it contains an artificial ginger flavor.
  2. Eat fresh or frozen blackberries, raspberries, and/or blueberries. Try making a berry smoothie or eating berries for breakfast.
  3. Brewer's Yeast Pills!? (I'm not sure about this one)
  4. Drink some Weleda Galactogue Tea – available at health food stores.
  5. Take Fenugreek Capsules - 3 capsules 4 times daily.
  6. Eat a healthy diet and rest between meals.

Much luck!

  1. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (1)

    Adel du Plessis

    Hi, can I start the jungle juice before the baby is due?



  2. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (2)


    Hey Adel

    You can, but I'm not sure if it's necessary.
    Is there a specific reason?

  3. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (3)

    Adel du Plessis

    Last time I had trouble breastfeeding. My blood pressure is a bit high so the doctor wants to do my c-section early.



  4. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (4)


    (Video) Daughter Walks for First Time *emotional*

    Hey Adel
    I would say just start when the baby is born and while you are in the hospital. Drink a mixture of 2L in 24 hours. All the best with your CS and try to relax before the baby arrives!

  5. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (5)



    How long after you start drinking jungle juice can you see an increase in milk production?



  6. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (6)


    Oi karen
    You should drink about two liters in 24 hours. The increase came pretty quickly for me. It certainly varies from mother to mother.
    All the best!

  7. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (7)

    Karen/ Adel have you tried and tested the Jungle Juice recipe?

    Thanks for the recipe Denise

  8. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (8)


    Great joy! I had to share it because it helped me so much. I think it helps give your body that extra oomph it needs as your body has been through a lot in the months before!

  9. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (9)


    (Video) 10 Most Dangerous Bugs In The World

    I live in the United States and have been looking for Blackcurrant Elixir and Blackcurrant Rehydrate Sachet or Raspberry Electropac and couldn't find it in the US. Where do you suggest I get it from? Also, what is Rescue Remedy?

  10. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (10)


    Hello Jennifer. You can find these items at your local pharmacy or health food store. If you search online you can find an Advocare rehydration dealer:http://www.advocare.com/products/active/A2412.aspx. For Elixir I would try searching online, maybe Amazon. It is widespread here, in Australia and in the United Kingdom. Depending on where you live, you might also want to try a South African store. Rescue Remedy is a natural shock or stress reliever that is often used in the event of a fall.http://www.expatshop.co.za/p8MT62/Natura-Rescue-remedy-150-tablets.aspx…Much luck!

  11. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (11)


    I started Jungle Juice today because I was having trouble producing milk for my baby. Do I only have to mix once, or do I have to make a follow-up mix after I've finished the first bottle?

  12. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (12)


    Hello Khanya. Sorry, it seemed I missed your comment. I did a few bottles initially and then drank a few from time to time when I was feeling low on energy etc. In the beginning you may want to give your body a boost by consuming 2 liters in a day. All the best!

  13. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (13)


    I started drinking jungle juice about a month before my first baby was born and continued drinking it in the hospital and up until about 4 months. It's amazing how well he produces breast milk. I had no shortage of milk and I had a happy baby, full and full of milk.
    So my suggestion would be to start taking it early, you want the milk to be ready and not wait until after birth to look for solutions. unnecessary stress. 🙂
    I am now 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd daughter and plan to start Jungle Juice at 32 or 34 weeks.

    Much luck! 🙂

  14. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (14)


    Hello, what is the reason for adding the rescue medicine drops to the jungle juice? And can I use the rescue pills by breaking them? Since I already have it at home, I can use it.

  15. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (15)


    hello meg Rescue Remedy Drops are designed to help relax - this is important for milk production... but I have never added anything to my Jungle Juice and it has worked so well. It's a personal choice. I'm not sure if the pills would have the same effect as dissolving under the tongue (at least that's what I understand), but as I said, it might not even be necessary for you. All the best!

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  16. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (16)

    Robyn Schoombie

    Should it be kept in the fridge?

  17. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (17)


    On cold days, if you drink it all day, maybe not. But in general I would say yes, considering what it contains.

  18. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (18)

    Preshinie Pillay

    hey Do you drink 2l of that every day??? Or just now and then and if so. How often???

  19. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (19)

    Nadia Green-Thompson

    Hello ladies
    Congratulations on your perseverance with your precious packages. My little one is now 1 year old and after her birth on 27./40. spent a lot of time in the intensive care unit. The juice was a huge help - I wasn't drinking enough so drink it!

  20. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (20)


    Congratulations on your baby's 1st year; Glad the baby is doing well! Thanks for your comment. Mom often doesn't drink enough, you're right. ♥

  21. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (21)

    (Video) DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels (Official Video)


    hey Will jungle juice help me? I have no breast milk. my baby is 3 weeks old

  22. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (22)


    Hello SAI. It is best to start when the baby is born. At this point, it would be best to speak to a clinic, a doctor, and a breastfeeding specialist. all the best x

  23. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (23)


    My baby is 12 weeks old. Can jungle juice help? I suspect he's not getting enough milk

  24. Jungle Juice - Denise's Family Treasures (24)


    Hello Seipelo. Thanks for your comment. It can help if you're feeling empty and your body needs a little boost, but it's best to talk to a nurse or doctor about it. All the best!

  25. […] jungle juice […]

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