Laundry Shelf Ideas - 12 Ways to Create an Organized Space (2023)

The laundry shelving ideas you implement in your space will play an important role in how the room works, whether you're designing the space from scratch or trying to make an existing one more functional.

The correct rack configuration can provide easy access to the various stain removers, detergents, and fabric softeners needed for a proper load of clothes, making your laundry day more efficient (and who doesn't want that?). Additionally, laundry shelving can also offer an opportunity to infuse your space with a bit of style. Think: jars full of laundry crystals or a vase of fresh flowers.

Here, we've rounded up some of the best laundry room shelf ideas for you to add to your home.laundry room ideasWish list.

laundry shelving ideas

If you are planning alaundry renovation, pay due attention to the shelves. Laundry shelving is a key component of the space. Even better, shelves can be practical.mihandsome. Suggest a project below.

1. Choose Floating Laundry Shelves For A Streamlined Look

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(Image credit: Nick Sargent/HW Interiors)

'integration function,laundry organizationand beautiful design was our mission in a space not often known for its aesthetics', says Lisa Hynes ofHW Interiors(opens in a new tab), who designed the room above for the 2021 Palm Beach Decorator Showhouse. "So we applied a mix of unexpected materials in practical ways."

This includes the floating shelves in the open utility room in wood tones. The sleek look adds elevated, modern style to a workspace.

2. Add cabinets and shelves in the laundry room

Laundry Shelf Ideas - 12 Ways to Create an Organized Space (2)

(Image credit: Emily Kennedy Photography)

Shelves and cabinets are idealclothes storage ideasfor different reasons, so why not include both? chicagoInteriors by Kate Marker(opens in a new tab)matching shelves and cabinets in a customer laundry room, upstairs. "Enclosed storage with trash cans or a canvas laundry cart can keep things neat and tidy," says Marker, while open shelving for clothing provides easy access to the items you wear most.

3. Add a coat rack to hang in the laundry room

(Image credit: Sarah Shields/Whitney Parkinson)

If you have the space for it, one of our favorite laundry room improvements is adding a hanging rack along with your shelving, like in this living room.whitney parkinson drawing(opens in a new tab)A rack makes it even more convenient to hang clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer, which prevents wrinkles, and can be stored under laundry room shelves for super efficient space savings. Although a clothing bar istechnicallyit's not a shelf, you'll need to incorporate it at the same time you plan cabinets and other storage.

4. Showcase essentials in style

Laundry Shelf Ideas - 12 Ways to Create an Organized Space (4)

(Image credit: Stoffer Photography Interiors / Grand Tradition Homes / Kate Marker Interiors)

If there's a downside to opening your clothing racks, it's that they can quickly become cluttered. If you have aesthetic goals for laundry shelving as well as functional ones, choose laundry supplies that look good on display.

Glass jars can be used to store soaps and washing powders, and neutral-colored wool dryer balls look like decor when tucked away in a pretty basket, like in the space above.Houses of Great Tradition(opens in a new tab)e Kate Marker Interiors.

"A laundry room should have a way to conveniently and nicely store or display cleaning products," says Marker. 'Woven baskets to corral detergent capsules and stain removers provide texture in open spaces.'

Our motto: If it makes doing laundry more enjoyable, it's worth the effort.

5. Use free-standing laundry shelves

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(Image credit: Future)

If you have counter space in the laundry room and don't want to go through the hassle of hanging shelves on the walls, try placing a small bookcase or bookcase above the laundry counter. This will create a vertical storage space without having to open the drill and finder.

To enhance the aesthetic and achieve an intentional look, paint the shelves to match the walls.

6. Try a bar with hooks as a shelf idea

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(Image credit: Rejuvenation)

Who says you can't be creative in a functional space? If you're looking for a ready-to-use laundry shelving idea, why not try a hanging rail with hooks? Raised rails, like the one aboveRejuvenation(opens in a new tab)They typically come with sets of hooks and cups that can hold items like stain bars, detergent pods, lint rollers, delicate bags, and clothes brushes.

7. Edit what's stocked on your shelves

Laundry Shelf Ideas - 12 Ways to Create an Organized Space (7)

(Image credit: Stephen Karlisch/Kathleen Walsh)

If you are combining laundry shelving withlaundry closet ideasmilaundry closet ideas, be intentional about what is stored where.

“Clients often have a strong opinion about their preference for closed cabinets over open shelving, and we've designed accordingly,” says the interior designer.kathleen walsh(opens in a new tab), who is behind this ultra-organized laundry room. 'A good hybrid is to think about keeping a set of detergents, solutions and tools out in the open and within reach of the washer and dryer. Leave an extra shelf or two open for some decorative and functional items. The rest, like the extra paper towels, stored bleach bottle, etc., can live behind closed doors. Ironing is out and ready or tucked away.

8. Hang a laundry maid

Laundry Shelf Ideas - 12 Ways to Create an Organized Space (8)

(Image credit: DeVol Kitchens)

if you are lookingsmall laundry room ideasTry incorporating the fifth wall, also known as the ceiling, into your laundry room shelving plans. A laundry room, which is a clothesline suspended from the ceiling, provides a place to dry anything that can't go in the dryer, as well as a place to store hangers for easy access.

9. Add a dual-use shelf

Laundry Shelf Ideas - 12 Ways to Create an Organized Space (9)

(Image credit: Kate Lester Interiors)

If you're short on space and want to maximize the efficiency of your laundry room, look for a rack that does double duty.

"Open laundry room shelving creates depth and dimension while also serving as storage, which is perfect for this corner of the laundry room." It was also a great way to add a clothes rail, making it even more multipurpose,” he says.kate lester,(opens in a new tab)who designed the upstairs laundry nook.

10. Free up space for a workbench

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(Image credit: Eye for Pretty Design)

If you tend to store all your detergents, fabric softeners, and stain removers on top of your washer and dryer, one of the best reasons to install clothing racks is to free up that space. It will increase your organization and efficiency tenfold.

Once you've stowed the essentials on a shelf, you can add alaundry benchon top of your washer and dryer, creating a convenient space for folding laundry or storing laundry baskets, à la this San Francisco laundromatI look handsome(opens in a new tab)Project.

11. Choose built-in shelving in the laundry room

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(Image credit: Scott Davis / The Fox Group)

For long-lasting quality and a sophisticated look, consider built-in shelving, like in the laundry room above, forthe fox group(opens in a new tab). This extra-large pantry offers space for tables under the shelves, but if you're working with a smaller room, build your cabinets above your washer/dryer, sink, or a set of drawers.

12. Hide pet items

Laundry Shelf Ideas - 12 Ways to Create an Organized Space (12)

(Image credit: Elizabeth Gil Interiors)

The laundry room and pantries often double as the dog's room. If that's the case in your home, laundry racks are the perfect place to store pet essentials like food and toys. But if you do, give a hint ofElizabeth Gill Interiores(opens in a new tab)and store them in plain glass jars for a neat look.

"I designed the shelves to be both human and dog friendly," says Gill, who designed the laundry room, upstairs, for a playhouse. "Dog treats and toys are on display in these beautiful glass tins."

How deep should shelves be in a laundry room?

Above all, clothing racks need to be practical. If you're wondering how deep the shelves are in your laundry room, consider how you'll use them. If you're simply storing laundry detergent bottles and fabric softener boxes, a 10-by-12-inch shelf will work just fine. However, if you want to use storage bins or laundry baskets, you'll need a shelf that's at least 18 inches deep.

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