List of 500+ Roblox Usernames | Cute, Aesthetic, Unforgiving and Unique - Game Specs (2023)

Roblox is a platform for playing and creating games. Launched in 2006, Roblox has attracted millions of players, including children and adults. As of now, Roblox has 150 million users every month. With each new userRobloxexpands the capabilities and support of the platform. Every gamer may have faced the problem of finding perfect and unique Roblox usernames for them. To stand out in public, you need to have good catchy usernames.

Roblox Usernames is a list of all cute, aesthetic, unique and weird usernames. All lists are sorted by different categories and further categorized by uniqueness. A good memorable username will always be remembered by friends and always grabs the attention of players. This is why you should have good Roblox usernames.


  • 1 How to Change Roblox Usernames –
  • 2 aesthetic Roblox usernames
  • 3 Roblox Usernames Not Taken (Unused)
  • 4 Leah Ashe Roblox-Benutzernamen
  • 5 unique Roblox usernames
  • 7 Cool Roblox Usernames
  • 8 Animal Roblox Usernames (Funny)
    • 8.1 Animal Usernames on Roblox
  • 9 One-Word Roblox Usernames
  • 10 Good Roblox Usernames
  • 11 3 Letter Usernames on Roblox
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How to Change Roblox Username –

List of 500+ Roblox Usernames | Cute, Aesthetic, Unforgiving and Unique - Game Specs (1)

Unlike other social networks, you have to pay Robux to change your name on Roblox.The cost of changing the name is 1000 Robux, which is almost $3.5.Roblox did this to reduce username spam and bots change their username every time. In Roblox, the display name and usernames are basically the same. So keep a good username that gets good attention.

How to Change Roblox Username –

  1. OpenRobloxin your browser. nowaccesson your bill.
  2. After signing in, go tothe settings. Settings are usually located at the top right of the screen with a gear icon.
  3. open thatAccount InformationEyelash.
  4. Now select thechange usernamePossibility. Make sure your account has 1000 Robux to change current username.

With this, you can change your Roblox username at any time using Robux. If you don't have money to change your username every time, create a new account with your desired username (a list of usernames is available below).

Personally, I created the Roblox username list using a mix of current trends and genres. So let's get into that:

Aesthetic Roblox usernames

List of 500+ Roblox Usernames | Cute, Aesthetic, Unforgiving and Unique - Game Specs (2)

Aesthetics, in simple terms, means something/someone concerned with beauty. These types of usernames are very popular on Roblox for both boys and girls. In games like Adopt Me and Halloween Bay, those aesthetic usernames can be pretty cool.

In Roblox, players love aesthetic cosmetics.Aside from cosmetics, usernames are also an essential part of your online gaming identity.As a result, aesthetic usernames have become part of the Roblox culture where all players make their name.sounds good. Here is a list of all aesthetic Roblox usernames:

Aesthetic usernames for boys and girls (cute)

  1. rain of angels
  2. still cheering
  3. Marshmallow-Wunder
  4. Euphoric Pumpkin
  5. Woesiestodavía
  6. white beetle
  7. puppy balloons
  8. Hineylogolepsie
  9. happy angel
  10. Wand oppurloin
  11. play waves
  12. soothing melody
  13. blooming angel
  14. useful angel
  15. happy ice cream
  16. smile lake
  17. nice rest
  18. angel of peace
  19. exhale delicious
  20. Lollipop Angel

Unassigned Roblox username (unused)

We often get stuck in situations where we have to choose a name for our Roblox character and can't think of one. And when we come up with a good name, it will usually be taken. In such cases, there are several ways to circumvent the occupied limit by replacing the name characters with their alternatives.

Below are some examples of this:

  • ro4dhogdiehardsnatch
  • fac3venus
  • dem0nfig
  • dem0nwaterm3lonbeans
  • Ototox1c
  • Visc3ral
  • Tonto1ter
  • spiked
  • M0nk3y
  • T3gmin4l
  • dissolute

These usernames are created using some famous game usernames, but by replacing some of the characters in them we can make the username unique and not taken. For example, by replacing A with 4, I with 1, E with 3, and O with 0, you can create different combinations of the same existing in-game usernames.

Also, I suggest that you come up with a username of your choice, even if it's not available. Then replace some characters as mentioned in the previous paragraph and try to find different combinations of them. Once you've done that, start checking their availability. Once you find an available combo, grab it right away.

Leah Ashe Roblox - Benutzernamen

Leah Ashe is a famous Roblox YouTuber with millions of subscribers. Many gamers love your content and enjoy being in the game you are playing. To be in his game, you may need to be on his friends list. But do you know the username beforehand?

Leah Ashe's Roblox account username is NotLeah. His profile already has more than 1 million followers so you can get the profile right away. The star code for them is LEAHASHE if you want to support them.

There are many YouTubers whose profiles cannot be found by gamers. These profiles are often hidden with a completely random username.

Unique Roblox usernames

There are many players on Roblox, so finding the perfect username that is unique and available is often difficult. The uniqueness of your username is determined by the number of players using the same type of username. For example, there are many usernames with "Shinobi" in the name. As a result, it is not unique.

Here are some of the unique usernames that players haven't used often:

  • steel-titanium
  • critical bum
  • frozen connoisseur
  • Grau
  • Genshin Rumpact
  • bottle cap
  • Cookie Attack
  • sarcasm

The above usernames are some of the unique ideas he uses. You can always run to your physical dictionary book and look up some unique words that the world doesn't know yet.

Creepy and Scary Roblox Usernames

Many users love scary usernames to play some scary cooperative games like Piggy. As the popularity of these games increases, many players love to place their names as spooky names.

Below are some of the scary usernames that you can use to create some creepypastas and play scary games:

  • Pretzel
  • wife
  • The surgeon
  • the waitress
  • Ersatz
  • scarlet fever
  • pioneer
  • Zahnfee

Cool Roblox usernames

List of 500+ Roblox Usernames | Cute, Aesthetic, Unforgiving and Unique - Game Specs (3)

Your username is one of the main factors in your success in the game. That's why some cool players with usernames are famous despite their bad game.

In simple words, cool represents calm and sweet composure. With a combination of calm words, you can create a nice list of all the cool usernames. I made a list of cool and unique Roblox usernames below:

Cool usernames for boys and girls

  1. Timenoguy Stottern
  2. campaign
  3. disfigured fade
  4. Hoodlum Extrapequeño
  5. political injection
  6. confused boar
  7. show onion
  8. find burritos
  9. They are solved
  10. Tamarino Orlop
  11. hidden itch
  12. Windswept Tail
  13. plum lark
  14. Home team jersey
  15. led buried
  16. careless rejection
  17. fermented surging
  18. smoke silencer
  19. want heptathlon
  20. Gandalf lost

Animal Roblox Usernames (Funny)

List of 500+ Roblox Usernames | Cute, Aesthetic, Unforgiving and Unique - Game Specs (4)

Sometimes mixing your username with certain creatures makes for really cool, unique usernames. These usernames are rare and unique. Adding adjectives at the end of the username makes it morehilarious. Animals are the creatures that make you fear, laugh, worry, adore, and fight. withmany emotionsCertain attached groups may allow you to create multiple meanings from one username. As a result, usernames have animal namesmost famous in roblox. The list is as follows:

Roblox Animal usernames

  1. Cringle de Shad
  2. Wildebeest Paddle
  3. contagious buffalo
  4. moose slave
  5. sugar bacteria
  6. Racehorse Shoulders
  7. Well done Sackville
  8. Gimpel Basilisk
  9. spotted lemur
  10. Python switch
  11. Turkey aft
  12. crying lapwing
  13. pig witchcraft
  14. spicy suckling pig
  15. deer lantern
  16. Intangible Baboon
  17. Cur decay
  18. Confirmation of the turtle
  19. Stockente Highlights
  20. beaver thanks

One word Roblox usernames

List of 500+ Roblox Usernames | Cute, Aesthetic, Unforgiving and Unique - Game Specs (5)

Sometimes a single word weighs heavily on your username. These words are unique and to some extent. One-word usernames are hard to come by as they fit the topic and are more commonly subscribed by users. One word Roblox usernames are more famous and less common due to their uniqueness. This is the list of one-word usernames:

  1. Badswiss
  2. Blimazon
  3. chosen ones
  4. Enstargas
  5. exotic class
  6. Fluttev
  7. will melt
  8. Exactly
  9. Gurinew
  10. Helmarch
  11. highlands
  12. i am pearl
  13. Lanipsto
  14. LedgerSilber
  15. nochexmc
  16. olympic country
  17. PlusTins
  18. Popgeto
  19. Chart
  20. kurz

Good Roblox usernames

Good usernames are very difficult to find as they are always taken. With the growing player base, it is very difficult to find available usernames.

according to studiesA username can affect your perception. With a good username, you can impress the players around you with a good vibe. The following is the list of good usernames for Roblox:

  1. Sumogre
  2. Ninjava
  3. Consolidated
  4. Bamboo
  5. Fancy Petal
  6. ColdKraken
  7. MotherZebra
  8. Club-Tomato
  9. funny lady
  10. DesignFerkel
  11. sailor
  12. Game rabbit
  13. Game rabbit
  14. hydro
  15. AshRoach
  16. inflatable cheetah
  17. clever quail
  18. easy hedgehog
  19. Superficial sinkbug
  20. Show Fishy
  21. Pixel
  22. rhino
  23. barracupido
  24. Bombest
  25. sneaky camel
  26. Stunning Spike
  27. water gangsters
  28. ScienceFerret
  29. TorpeWombat
  30. cautious eagle
  31. rhino
  32. Emo
  33. Komodozer
  34. ghost child
  35. Poison Sparrow
  36. MemoriaConquistador
  37. Sleep
  38. imaginary ram
  39. Fake Conqueror
  40. Beautiful almond
  41. Emufasa
  42. nena
  43. knight life
  44. rivalquiria
  45. Royal Warhog
  46. ruhigmaweasel

3 Letter Roblox Usernames

Unfortunately, the Roblox platform does not allow you to enter a three-letter username. If you are interacting with a 3 letter user on Roblox, it is most likely a bot.

last words

That is! This was the list of Roblox usernames that you can use to be cool among your friends. Nowadays it is important to have a good in-game username if you enjoy playing games. So take your time and choose the username from the lists above. I'm sure it will be confusing at first, but your brain will click and block some usernames immediately.

Which username did you like the most?
Let me know in the comments.


Silva, Rita and Topolinski, Sascha. (2018). My username is IN! The influence of internal and external roaming usernames on the assessment of the trustworthiness of online providers. psychology and marketing. 35. 307-319.

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