NC A&T Four Celebrated at 63rd Anniversary Sit-In Event (2023)

NC A&T Four is honored 63 years after their historic sit-in

W X II 12 news is always available on the free W X II 12. Atthe stay connected to talitha Vickers on her facebook page. Police say a child was killed when people fired dozens of shots at a charlotte home. Officers responding to the calls about shots fired, found a child under five with a gunshot wound. E. M. S. Rushed that child to the hospital but that child died from their injuries. Investigators say the child was shot when people in multiple cars fired more than 80 rounds at a home. Officers are still working to determine what other houses were hit by the bullets. Residents of the resort city of Acapulco Mexico are cleaning up after a strong earthquake. The magnitude seven quake shook most of southern Mexico, killing one person. There was some damage to cars because of falling debris. The quake caused buildings to rock and sway in Mexico city that's 200 miles away. Some people evacuated their buildings briefly. In Louisiana, a camera on a Tesla captured a man who faked a hit and run. Take a good look here you see there police say that a car was backing up to him and basically caused him to fall. That's what he says, he complained of back and neck injuries as well as a leg injury. While police track down the driver who showed them this footage that proves that the whole story, it was just all made up. That man later admitted to faking the accident. He was arrested for falsifying a police report. A scary moment for a mom in south florida, she watches someone drive off with her car with her child Inside, surveillance video from a store in fort Lauderdale shows a man walking behind a mother who left her car running while she went inside to pay, video shows that man taking off with the car. The child in the car. Police say a good samaritan followed the driver until he stopped the vehicle and simply took off witnesses who saw some of this unfold say it was pure chaos and they always almost hit me and my kids were even going to pick up my mom from Dallas is so when they came and said, oh my God, they almost hit us and as we go further down is another car in the suv was speaking, I say something must be happy that they're chasing each other. Police took a 19 year old into custody. He is charged with kidnapping, interfering with custody of a minor and Carjacking without a weapon. The child was not hurt Britney Spears. Father has filed to end the Pop star's conservative ship that has controlled the Pop star's life and money for the past 13 years, Jamie Spears filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court. Now the filing says that he only wants what is best for his daughter and if she wants to end the conservative ship and feels that she can handle her own life, she should have that chance. The judge who oversees the case will need to approve that move. The next hearing in this case is set for September 29, thank you to everyone. That's what we'd like to say this afternoon. Who everyone donated to our back to school ritual food driving. So many of you did that, you gave more than $11,200 yesterday and total that up with a dollar for dollar match from retired educator Joyce co felled. That now brings the total to more than $22,000 for the second harvest food bank. We will continue to provide more information about how you can contribute but all of this money donated, it's gonna go to provide nutritious meals for families in our community and we have one more back to school virtual food drive coming up next Tuesday. You can also donate a second harvest food bank anytime over the W. X. I 12 dot com slash second harvest website. You go okay, I guess she's looking at me Michelle So I'm going to talk about the severe weather. It was a lot. It was very unsettled this morning, at least in my neighborhood. Same for you, It was great skies across. Yeah, so how we looking right now, Michelle right now, we do have some rumbles of thunder and some isolated severe thunderstorms have been popping up throughout the afternoon hours this morning, non severe but we did have some reports of some very strong to severe gusts out there coming down from those storms now through this evening, numerous storms isolated severe threats including a possibility of a tornado or two now, late evening threats start to really fade once we get you into about 10, 11 o'clock overnight we could have some spotty showers and then we're gonna dry out a little later. Tomorrow take a look at this gorgeous photograph coming in from amber Burcham, you can see the rotation in this cloud and what looks to be a lowering cloud. We tend to see this with these tropical systems and so some of these clouds of course moving a lot. We call those in meso cyclones and then when we begin to see some of those clouds lower, the question is, do we see these columns of air then rotate and reach the ground? That's when it will become a tornado, no damage reports. Those were some of the pictures coming in from west Pine Street areas near north, very high school in Mount Airy. Also a lot of folks reporting seeing those clouds really getting dark and rotating lots of heavy rain and also the lightning we had that tornado warning earlier this afternoon briefly for southern sections of Al Gara, northern sections of Surrey County. Excuse me in the year Mount area impacted our for you continue through the evening hours damaging winds and tornado risk are going to continue. So we have seen gusty winds out there, we've got that marginal risk area all the way from roanoke down south through the triad and right now we've got rain stony, no shoals 52 it's gonna be a little bit wet out there. We may see ponding on the roadways in addition to the gusts and watching these lightning strikes here, intensifying at least rainfall for folks in southern Randolph County. So possibility that we could see some gusts coming out of these storms, even a 30 40 mile an hour gusts when you've got very wet soil conditions could take down some trees. We want to caution you about getting on the road during these storms because of the risk for wind damage. We don't want any trees to come down on the cars and certainly the heavy rain from these storms to posing a threat for drivers out there. Eighties for you for the next few hours, then we're going to see those shower chances start to drop off gradually throughout the day. Tomorrow, most of the range should be out of here by middle of the afternoon for the triad. You noticed by early morning, a lot of that already exiting the clouds, hopefully clearing just in time before you see the sunset and you'll have good drying taking place. You're gonna notice that big drop in dew points to for you later in the evening, the sixties into the fifties and morning lows also following suit into friday morning, we got some fifties for you. A little clearing today after we had that morning burst of energy right over the southern Piedmont while non severe. A lot of tropical energy rolled in right overhead and without those showers and storms. Elka now starting to dry out also down south too long town. But we're going to get more thunderstorm activity going for you within the next hour we expect this line to form a bit better and move east. So one or two becoming severe right now, you're 81 degrees in the tribe 92 out in Raleigh where you've had more sunshine there, no weather alerts at the out at this hour, but later this evening impact hours are going to continue through nine o'clock. Our seventies come into play also for the foothills, we've got those temperatures in the seventies with 68 degrees through midnight. And then we see those temperatures also comfortable sixties for folks in the mountains, you hold onto the humidity to even though your rain chances are lower. And look ahead from thursday through friday saturday and sunday, we are heating back up So enjoy it while you can we think that the dryer will be with us all the way through your sunday. Look at the 67 degrees in the Piedmont tomorrow morning rain, chances will start to taper off later in the afternoon high of 78 degrees mountain conditions from the fifties, more mild as we get you into the late afternoon hours and northerly breezes, you can see the foothills near 77 degrees and it's drier. Tomorrow we do look forward to that low humidity. It's coming our way. And I'm looking forward to saying that we've got those 80's on tap along with the low humidity. But 90's they return pretty quickly Monday Tuesday and then we see humidity creep up next week too. All right, thank you so much. So much Michelle right now. A live look at Salem Parkway at Highway 66. This is in Kernersville, thankfully no major backups out there, no delays in the Piedmont triad so far. So good folks, you'll soon be able to really grab and go at two whole foods stores opening next year. Look at some new technology making cashiers obsolete and the option for people who still like to shop school and you can watch the Macy's thanksgiving Day parade in person this year. The precautions that parade staff and volunteers will have to follow if they want to walk the route. Welcome back everyone, there will be something missing at two whole foods stores opening next year. The rows of cashiers amazon says it will bring its cashier. Let's technology to new stores in Washington D. C. And Sherman oaks California. So the concept will let shoppers grab what they need and leave cameras and sensors track what's taken off shelves and the items then charged to customers amazon account self checkout lanes will still be available that take cash gift cards and other types of payment. Well folks, it is official the 2021 of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, it's going to be an impersonal event this year. Now last year the parade was a tv only event limited to performances with no giant balloons or festive floats that have become a long story tradition. Well coronavirus protocols, they're going to be in place, participants this year will be required to show proof of vaccination and they must wear a mask. Now the 95th annual parade will kick off thanksgiving morning in new york city. You'll be able to watch it right here on W X II 12. Still ahead. President biden is set to roll out a six point plan for fighting the spread of the delta variant. A closer look at the new strategy when we come back you're watching W X II 12 news. Thanks so much for staying with us. We're keeping a close eye on storms that could actually impact your afternoon as well as your evening. Meteorologist Michelle Kennedy is here with more Michelle. Yeah, we are talking about those showers and thunderstorms and they continue to brew out there for us. Back to the west. We're going to continue to look for more out there as well and you can see mount airy they were dealing with the tornado warning for a brief time. A little lowering of the clouds and rotating clouds. Having some folks concerned that we might see a tornado on the ground and certainly by radar estimates to National Weather Service issued that warning earlier this afternoon. We still have a threat to see some of these thunderstorms bringing some damaging wind gusts. Also that tornado risk is included with any of these severe storms today. But again, when we talk about isolated, we're talking about one or two. Not everyone will see not only the rain, but also the severe weather that is going to be limited out there locally heavy downpours. So this is what we've seen since this morning. A lot of good juicy tropical moisture riding in from the gulf of Mexico today, heavier downpours in the southern Piedmont right now and some showers stretched out still south of Sparta. These are non severe at this point. The severe thunderstorm warning in Yakima County fizzling as it moved in from the west to the east. You can see thunderstorms here over Randolph County. These are the areas that look like we can see some more intensification at least with the lightning strikes continuing to fire Right now the heavy rains to are in the mix for us and we've got the showers, we have the thunderstorms with frequent lightning concerns and the damaging wind risk continue through about 10 11 o'clock tonight. You're at 81 degrees right now in Greensboro to 83 in Reidsville later this evening. We start to drop those temperatures in response to the clouds and the cooler rain that will come in shower chances tomorrow are going to be off and on a little spotty action early morning and then we clear out here comes the dry air you see around 56 o'clock, you should be noticing comfortable temperatures, low humidity and just gorgeous weather. Now we take that gorgeous weather straight into the weekend and we drop your rain chances out completely. So I think you're going to have a great chance to look at gorgeous conditions today though noticing that we did have some cloud thinning even over areas. We had some rain and strong thunderstorms this morning. Now we've got a little sunshine and those clouds starting to build ahead of a cold front. So we may see a few more isolated storms right now they're getting a little bit of a break over alcon and mountain area where active weather had folks under tornado warnings earlier, much more coming up. Okay, thank you. Educators and health officials nationwide, they are sounding the alarm over the surge of coronavirus cases among Children. More than 250,000 child covid cases were reported last week. That is more than a quarter of the total number of cases reported Over that period. Now folks, this comes as the nation hits a grim milestone. The us surpassing 40 million total coronavirus infections. This particular variant has has attacked the adults at a faster rate. It's attacked our student population at a faster rate. You've got to get the school system masked. In addition to surrounding the Children with that with vaccinated. Health officials worry that it could get worse after families traveled over the long holiday weekend. Well, new research shows that flu season is coming on pretty fast and it could be miserable amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health conducted two studies aimed at predicting hospitalizations during the 2021 22 flu season. And while it's hard to predict the future, experts say that a combination of factors could make this winter particularly tough, especially as Children are back in school. And because the flu is minimal last year, people were not exposed to the virus potentially undermining the protection. They would normally have. President biden meantime is set to roll out a six point covid 19 plan tomorrow including efforts to get more americans vaccinated. It's right. The new White house strategy, it comes as the virus is upending. Return to office plans and sounding alarms as Children head back to school, Alice Barr has more now from Washington. I want to thank the president biden today remembering the lives lost to the covid pandemic. I'd like to pause for a moment of silence. One of the hundreds of union workers and essential workers who have died from covid 19. He's meeting with his covid advisors and preparing to address the nation tomorrow. About a new six point plan to battle the delta variant that's still surging across the country in hard hit Idaho. This hospital turning a conference room into a covid unit as it quickly runs out of space. The patients that are being hospitalized are largely unvaccinated, but many of them are younger and they're getting sick or faster. The president planning to double down on public private partnerships to get more americans vaccinated, Especially those under 40 who are lagging behind. He's also expected to address plans for booster shots and he's under pressure to offer more guidance for schools with thousands of largely unvaccinated students now back in the classroom and many states banning mask mandates absent mass. We just simply don't have the social space within the schools in order to be able to operate safely. Covid outbreaks have already caused 1400 school closures in 35 states and the american Academy of pediatrics says cases among kids are rising more than 250,000 Children testing positive last week alone. That's more than a quarter of all new cases nationwide. In Washington Alice Barr, NBC. News, Taking a look at the vaccination numbers at this time in North Carolina, 55% of the population has received at least one coronavirus vaccine. Well, 51% is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 Roughly 10.6 million doses have been administered across the state in Virginia. Nearly 65% of the state's population has received at least one dose. A little more than 57% is considered fully vaccinated against COVID. More than 10 million doses of vaccine have been administered in Virginia. The State Senate has approved a measure that would limit the governor's powers during emergencies. Now this bill requires the governor to get approval of an emergency declaration from other statewide elected leaders within seven days. Now lawmakers, they would also need to sign off on the declaration in order for the governor to extend it beyond those 45 days. The bill now goes back to the House for final approval. Police in charlotte are searching for a suspect accused of killing a hurricane ida evacuee from New Orleans, 29 year old Malik more is wanted on a first degree murder charge, investigators say Gabrielle all now out of New Orleans was shot and killed sunday night. Police say the crime scene was in a railroad yard in north of uptown, according to police More is also accused of assaulting a woman on charlotte's little Sugar Creek Greenway more is a very dangerous individual and it's really important that we get him into custody as soon as we can. And so what we ask the public is, if you see him, do not approach him, Call 911 wherever you are and report that you've seen him more has had several prior run ins with law enforcement records with the north Carolina Department of Public Safety showed he's been convicted of robbery larceny and breaking and entering in Guilford, Cumberland and martin counties And like more is now a suspect in a murder in Greensboro. Police accused him of killing Christian Bimba last Friday. The 21 year old's body was found on Paterson Street. He was from Nashville Tennessee. Police tell us more has ties to Greensboro as well as Winston Salem and is known to frequent bus and train stations. He's believed to be armed and dangerous. Yeah. Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in Louisiana are still without power. 10 days after Hurricane IDa crashed into the coast. Utility crews say more than 290,000 people right now. They remain in the dark and that includes jefferson parish where people are still struggling to survive without food, water and electricity. Families are scrambling as they wade through floodwaters in search of supplies and while they try to make ends meet, they are also holding on to hope as they struggle to rebuild. Keep taking. Yes, they're doing enough man. No help from nobody. I got my daughter helping me and I had to pick up a guy to come over and try to touch the roof. The best we could do. Mhm. Yeah. I mean everybody's described down here. You need help. Mm well the State Public Service Commission said Tuesday that 98% of utility customers in the five hardest hit parishes remain without power at this time. Mhm. The U. S civil rights trail, which prominently features Greensboro now has a book and an augmented reality experience and that new experience launched today at the International Civil Rights Center Museum in Greensboro, N. That's where Bill O neal joins us with the story. You gotta love technology. The civil rights trail is more than just printed words and pictures. It helps to bring the civil rights movement to life. You can click on different sit ins throughout the southeast that were inspired by Greensboro, visit the entire civil rights trail, all 120 destinations in 14 states as they come to life through an interactive experience, just grab your phone or tablet and using a QR code. Bring the pages inside the book to life. We actually have Profiles and quotes from each of the Greensboro four. We were going to sit here until we were served or asked to leave. Well hopefully not deep, but we were not going to move, you see video From the 50s and 60 and his, You see the reality of it, it's like a 21st century pop up book. The book's author says the interactive experience shared through augmented reality targets a specific audience. We just think it's a cool way really to get young people interested in this story. This is a technology that I think will get young people to say, oh that's cool. I'm going to learn more about that and hopefully it will give grandparents and their grandsons and daughters something to talk about. The Greensboro four in the city and movement are prominently featured with interviews, posters and more. More people need to know about these sites because literally we use the phrase what happened here changed the world and you know beyond Selma Montgomery and Birmingham, Greensboro in New Orleans. And a lot of other places are, are places where history happened as well. The author says that the civil rights trail has become a destination for international travelers and Greensboro Civil Rights Museum, as well as the february one monument on the A. N. T. Campus, are two of the stops on that trail in Greensboro, Bill O'neill WX II 12 News.SURVEILLANCE VIDEO WHEWEN RETURN. >> WXII 12 NEWS IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE ON THE FREE IIWX APP. STAY CONNECTED TO TALITHA VICKERS ON HER FACEBOOK PAGE. TALITHA: POLICE SAY A CHILD WAS KILLED WHEN PEOPLE FIRED DOZENS OF SHOTS AT A CHARLOTTE HOME. OFFICERS RESPONDING TO CALLS ABOUT SHOTS FIRED FOUND A CHILD UNDER FIVE WITH A GUNSHOT WOUND. EMS RUSHED THE CHILD TO THE HOSPITAL, BUT THE CHILD DIED FROM THEIR INJURIES. INVESTIGATORS SAY THE CHILD WAS SHOT WHEN PEOPLE IN MULTIPLE CARS FIRED MORE THAN 80 ROUNDS AT THE HE.OM OFFICERS ARE WORKING TO DETERMINE WHAT OTHER HOUSES WERE HIT BY BULLE.TS CHRISTE:IN RESIDENTS OF THE RESORT CITY OF ACAPULCO, MEXICO ARE CLEANING UP FROM A STRONG EARTHQUA.KE THE MAGNITUDE 7 EARTHQUAKE SHOOK MOST OF SOUTHERN MEXICO, KILLING ONE PERSON. THERE WAS SOME DAMAGE TO CARS DUE TO FALLING DEBRIS. THE QUAKE CAUSED BUILDINGS TO ROCK AND SWAY IN MEXICO CITY, NEARLY 200 MILES AY.WA SOME PEOPLE EVACUATED THEIR BUILDINGS BRIEY.FL IN LOUISIANA, A CAMERA ON A -- TALITHA: IN LOUISIA, AAN CAMERA ON A TESLA CAPTURED A MAN WHO FAKED A HIT AND RUN. POLICE SAY A CAR WAS BACKING UP TO HIM AND BASICALLY CAUSED HIM TO FALL. THAT’S WHAT HE SAYS. HE COMPLAINED OF BACK AND NECK INJURIES AS WELL AS A LEG INJURY. POLICE TRACKED DOWN THE DRIVER WHO SHOWED THEM THE FOOTAGE THAT PROVES THE WHOLE STORY WAS MADE UP. THE MAN LATER ADMITTED TO FAKING THE ACCIDENT. HE WAS ARRESTED FOR FALSIFNGYI A POLICE REPORT. CHRISTE:IN A SCARY MOMENT FOR A MOM IN FLORIDA AS SHE WASTCHES A CARJACKING UNFOLD, WITH HER CHILD INDE.SI SURVEILLANCE VIDEO FROM A STORE IN FORT LAUDERDALE SHOWS A MAN WALKING BEHIND A MOTHER WHLEO FT HER CAR RUNNING WHILE SHE WENT INSIDE TO PAY. VIDEO SHOWS THE MAN REIZALES -- THE MAN TAKINGFF O WITH A CAR, THE CHILD IN THE CAR. POLICE SAY A GOOD SAMARITAN FOLLOWED THE DRIVER UNTIL HE STOPPED THE CAR AND TOOK OFF. WITNESSES WHO WSA THIS SAY IT WAS PURE CHAOS. >> HE ALMOST HIT ME. ME AND MY KIDS -- I SAID, THEY ALMOST HITS. U AS WE GO FURTHER DOWN, THERE IS ANOTHER CAR. AND I SAID SOMETHING MUST BE HAPPENING BECAUSE THEY ARE CHASING EACH OTHER. CHRISTINE: POLICE TOOK A -- TOOK A 19-YEAR-OLD INTO CUSTODY. HE’S CHARGED WITH KIDNAPPING, INTERFERING WITH CUSTODY OF A MINOR AND CARJACKING WITHOUT A WEAPON. THE CHILD WAS NOT HURT. TALIA:TH BRITNEY SPEARS’ FATHER HAS FILED TO END THE POP STAR’S CONSERVATORSHIP THAT HAS CONTROLLED THE POP STAR’S LIFE AND MONEY FOR 13 YEARS. JA MIE SPEARS FILED THE PETITION LINOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT. THE FILING SAYS HE ONLY WANTS WHAT’S BEST FOR HIS DAUGHTER. AND IF SHE WANTS TO END THE CONSERVATORSHIP AND FEELS SHE CAN HANDLE HER OWN LIFE, SHE SHOULD HAVE THAT CHANCE. THE JUDGE WHO OVSEERES THE CASE WILL NEED TO APPROVE THE MOVE. THE NEXT HEARING IN THE CASE IS SET FOR SEPTEMBER 29. CHRISTINE: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. THAT’S WHAT WE WANT TO SAY TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED TO OUR BACK TO SCHOOL VIRTUAL FOOD DRIVE. YOU GAVE MORE THAN $11,200 YESTERDAY. TALITHA: WITH A DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR MATCH FROM JOYCE KOHFELDT. THAT BRINGS THE TOTAL TO MORE TH $AN22,000 FOR THE SECOND HARVEST FOOD BK.AN WE WILL CONTINUE TO PROVIDE MORE INFORMATION OF HOW YOUAN C CONTRIBUTE. ALL OF THIS MONEY WILL GO TO PROVIDE NUTRITIOUS MEALS FOR FAMILIES IN OUR COMMUNITY. CHRISTINE: WE HAVE ONE MORE BACK TO SCHOOL VIRTUAL FOOD DVERI COMING UP NEXT TUESDAY. TALITHA: YOU CAN ALSO DONATE TO SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK ANY TIME OVER AT THE WXII12.COM/ SECONDHARVEST. CHRISTE:IN I GUESS SHE’S LOOKING AT ME SO I WILL TALK ABOUT THE SEVERE WEATHER. IT WAS UNSETTLED THIS MORNING, AT LEAST IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. TALITHA: GRAY SKIES ACROSS THE BOARD. MICHELLE: WE DO HAVE RUMBLES OF THUNDER AND ISOLATED SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS THAT HAVE BEEN POPPING UP. THIS MORNING, NONSEVERE. WE DO HAVE REPORTS OF STRONG TO SEREVE GUSTS COMING FROM THOSE STORMS. TUMORS STORMS, ISOLATED SEVERE THREATS, INCLUDING A POSSIBILITY OF A TORNADO. LATE EVENING, THE THREAT STARTS TO FADE ONCE WE GET INTO 11:.00 OVERNIGHT, WE COULD HAVE SPOTTY SHOWERS. WE WILL DRY OUT LATER TOMORROW. LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS PHOTOGRAPH COMING FROM AMBER BURCH AND. YOU CAN SEE THE ROTATION AND WHAT LOOKS TO BE A LOWERING CLOUD. WE TEND TO SEE THIS WITH TSEHE TROPICAL SYSTEMS. SOME OF THESE CLOUDS MOVING ALOFT. WE CALL THOSE MESO CYCLONES. WHEN WE SEE THOSE CLOUDS LOWER, DO WE SEE THE AIR DAN ROTATE AND REACH THE GROUND? THAT IS WHEN IT WOULD BECOME A TORNADO. NO DAMAGE REPORTS. AREAS NEAR NORTH SURRY HIGH SCHOOL AND MOUNT AIRY. A LOT OF FOLKS REPORTING SEEING THEOS CLOUDS GETTING DARK AND ROTATING. A LOT OF HEAVY RAIN AND LIGHTNING. . WE HAVE THE TORNADO WARNING EARLIER THIS AFTERNOON FOR SOUTHERN SECTISON OF -- NORTHERN SECTIONS OF SURREY COUNTY. THE IMPACTED HOURS CONTINUE THROUGH THE EVENING HOURS. DAMAGING WIND AND TORNADO RISKS WILL CONTINUE. WE HAVE SEEN IT GUSTY WINDS OUT THERE. MARGINAL RISK AREA DOWN SOUTH THROUGH THE TRIAD. IT IS GOING TO BE WET OUT THERE. IN ADDITION TO THE GUSTS AND WATCH THE GHLITNING STRIKES. INTENSIFYING RAINFALL FOR FOLKS IN SOUTHERN RANDOLPH COUNTY. A POSSIBILITY THAT WE COULD SEE GUESTS COMING OUT OF THE STORMS. WHEN YOU’VE GOT WET SOIL CONDITIONS, COULD TAKE -- COULD TAKE DOWN SOME TREES. WE WANT TO CAUTION YOU BECAUSE OF THE WDIN DAMAGE. WE DON’T WANT TREES TO COME DOWN ON THE CARS AND THE HEAVY RAIN FROMHE T STORMS POSING A THREAT FOR DRIVERS. 80’S FOR THE NEXT FEW HOURS. WE WILL SEE SHOWERS -- WE WILL SEE SHOWER CHANCES DROP OFF GRADUALLY. MOST OF THE RAIN SHOULD BE OUT OF HERE BY THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON. BY EARLY MORNING, A LOT OF THAT ALREADY EXITING. THE CLOUDS CLEARING JUST IN TEIM BEFORE YOU SEE THE SUNSET, AND YOU WILL HAVE GOOD DRYING TAKING PLACE. YOU WILL NOTICE THE DROP IN DEW POINTS LATER IN THE EVENING. THE 60’S INTO THE 50’S. MORNING LOWS FOLLOWING SUIT. 50’S FOR YOU. A LITTLE CLEARING TODAY, AFTER WE HAD THE MORNING BURST OF ENERGY OVER THE SOUTHERN PIEDMONT. A LOT OF TROPICAL ENERGY ROLLED IN RIG OHTVERHEAD. THOSE SHOWERS AND STORMS. DOWN SOUTH TO LONG TOWN. WE WILL GET MORE THUNDERSTORM ACTITYVI GOING FOR YOU WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR. WE EXPECT THE LINE TO FORM BETTER AND MOVE EAST. ONE OR TWO BECOMING SEVERE. 92 OUT AND RALEIGH WHERE YOU HAD MORE SUNSHINE. NO WEATHER ALERTS AT THIS HOUR. LATER THIS EVENING, IMPACT HOURS WILL CONTINUE THROUGH THAN :00. 70’S COME INTO PLAY. 60 DEGREES THROUGH MIDNIGHT. WE SEE TEMPERATURES COMFORTABLE. 60’S FOR FOLKS IN THE MOUNTAINS. . YOU HOLD ONTO THE HUMIDITY EVEN THOUGH THE RAIN CHANCES ARE LOWER. FROM THURSDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, WE ARE HEATING CKBAUP. WE THINK THE DRY AIR WILL BE WITH US THROUGH YOUR SUNDAY. 67 DEGREES IN THE PIEDMONT TOMORROW MORNING. RAN -- RAIN CHANCES WILL TAPER OFF IN THE AFTERNOON. 70 DEGREES. MOUNTAIN DEGREES IN THE 50’S. YOU CAN SEE THE FOOTHILLS NEAR 77 DEGREES. AND IT IS DRIER TOMORROW. WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE LOW HUMIDITY. IT IS COMINGUR O WAY. I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO SAYING THAT WE HAVE THOSE 80’S ON TOP ALONG WITH A LOW HUMIDITY. 90’S RETURN QUICKLY MONDAY AND TUESDAY. WE SEE COMMUNITY CREEP UP NEXT WEEK TOO. TALITHA: THANK YOUO SMUCH. A LIVE LOOK AT HIGHWAY 66. THANKFULLY NO MAJOR BACKUPS OUT THERE. NO DELAYS IN THE PIEDMONT TRIAD. SO FAR, SO GOOD. YOU WILL SOON BE ABLE TO RELYAL GRAB AND GO AT TWO WHOLE FOODS STORES OPENING NEXT YEAR. A LOOK AT NEW TECHNOLOGY MAKING CASHIERS OBSOLETE AND THE OPTION FOR PEOPLE WHO STILL LIKE TO SHOP OLD SCHOOL. CHRISTINE: YOU CAN WATCH THE MACY’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE AND PERSON THIS YEAR. THE PRECAUTIONS PARADE STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW IF THEY WANT TO WALK THE ROAD. CHRISTINE: WELCOME BACK, EVERYONE. THERE WILL BE SOMETHING SSINMIG AT TWO WHOLE FOODS STORES OPENING NEXT YEAR, THE ROWS OF CASHIERS. AMAZON SAYS IT WILL BRING ITS CASHIER-LESS TECHNOLOGY TO NEW STORES IN WASHINGTON D.C. AND SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORN.IA THE CONCEPT WILL LET SHOPPERS GRAB THAT THEY NEED AND LEE.AV CAMERAS AND SENSORS TRACK WHAT’S TAKEN OFF SHELVES. THE ITEMS ARE THEN CHARGED TO A CUSTOMER’S AMAZON ACCOUNT. SELF-CHECKOUT LANES WILL STILL BE AVAILABLE THAT TAKE CASH, GIFT CARDS AND OTHER TYPES OF PAYMENT. TALITHA: IT’S OFFICIAL. THE 2021 MY'A’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE WILL BE AN IN-PERSON EVENT THIS YEAR. LAST YEAR THE PARADE WAS A T.V. ONLY EVENT, LIMITED TO PERFORMANCES, WITH NO GIANT BALLOONS OR FESTIVE FLTSOA CORONAVIRUS PROTOCALS WILL BE IN PLACE. PARTICIPANTS THIS YEAR WILL BE REQUIRED TO SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION AND TO WEAR A MA.SK THE 95TH ANNUAL PARADE WILL KICKOFF THANKSGIVING MORNI INGN NEW YORK CITY. YOU’LL BE ABLE TO WATCH IT RIGHT HERE ON WX 12.II CHRISTINE: PRESIDENT BIDEN IS SET TO ROLL OUT A SIX-POINT PLAN FOR FIGHTING THE SPREAD OF THE DELTA VARIA.NT A CLOSER LOOK AT THE NEW STRATEGY WHEN WE COME BACK. >> YOU ARE WATCHING WXII 12 NEWS . TALITHA: WE ARE KEEPING A CLOSE EYE TTHA -- ON STORMS THAT COULD IMPACT YOUR AFTERNOON ANYTHING. CHRISTINE: MICHELLE KENNEDY IS HERE WITH MORE. MICHEL:LE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SHOWERS, THUNDERSTORMS, THEY CONTINUE TO BREW. WE WILL CONTINUE TO LOOK FOR MORE OUT THERE AS WELL. MOTUN AIRY, THEY WERE DEALING WITH A TORNADO WARNING FOR A BRIEF TIME. LOWERING OF CLOUDS AND ROTATING CLOUDS HAVING SOME FOLKS CONCERNED THAT WE COULD SEE A TORNADO ON THE GROUND. NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE ISSUING THAT WARNING EARLIER THIS AFTERNOON. WE HAVE A THREAT TO SEE THESE THUNDERSTORMS BRING IN DAMAGING WIND GUSTS. THE TORNADO RISK IS INCLUDED WITH THE STORM RISK. WHEN WE TALK ABOUT ISOLATED, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT ONE OR TWO. THE SEVERE WEATHER WILL BE LIMITEOUTD THERE. LOCALLY HEAVY DOWNPOURS. THIS IS WHAT WE’VE SEEN SINCE THIS MORNING. HEAVIER DOWNPOURS AND THE SOUTHERN PIEDMONT. AND SOME SHOWERS STRETCHED OUT SOUTH OF SPARTA. THESE ARE NONSEVERE. THE SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING ANY AND KING COUNTY CAN FIZZLE AND AS IT MOVED IN FROM THE WEST TO THE EAST. THUNDERSTORMS OVER RANDOLPH COUNTY, THESE ARE THE AREAS THAT LOOK LIKE WE COULD SEE MORE INTENSIFICATION WITH THE LIGHTNING STRIKES CONTINUING TO FIRE. THE HEAVY RAINS TOO ARE IN THE MIX. WE HAVE SHOWERS, THUNDERSTORMS WITH FREQUENT LIGHTNING CONCERNS AND THE DAMAGING WDIN RISK CONTINUE THROUGH 11:00 TONIGHT. 81 DEGREES IN GREENSBURG. WE START TO DROP TEMPERATURES IN RESPONSE TO THE CLOUDS AND COOLER RAIN THAT WILL COME IN. SHOWER CHANCES TOMORROW WILL BE OFF AND ON. SPOTTY ACTION EARLY MORNING. ENTH WE CLEAR OUT. HERE COMES THE DRY AIR. 60 TALK, 5:00, YOU SHOULD NOTICE COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURES. GORGEOUS WEATHER. WE TAKE THE WEATHER STRAIGHT INTO THE WEEKEND AND DROP YOUR RAIN CHANCES COMPLETELY. I THINK YOU WILL HAVE A GREAT CHANCE TO LOOK AT GORGEOUS CONDITIONS. TODAY, NOTICING WE DID HAVE CLOUDS THINNING OVER AREAS WHERE WEAD H RAIN AND STRONG THUNDERSTORMS. NOW, WE’VE GOT SUNSHINE AND THE CLOUD STARTING TO BUILD AHEAD OF A COLD FRONT. WE MAY SEE A FEW MORE ISOLATED STORMS. GETTING A LITTLE BIT OF A BREAK OVER MOUNT AY.IR ACTIVE WEATHER HAD FOLKS UNDER TORNADO WARNINGS EARLIER. MUCH MORE COMING UP. TALITHA: EDUCATORS AND HEALTH OFFICIALS NATIONWIDE ARE SOUNDING THE ALARM OVER THE SURGE OF CORONAVIRUS CASES AMONG CHILDREN. CHRISTE:IN MORE THAN 250 THOUSAND CHILD COVID CASESERE W REPORTED LAST WEEK, MORE THAN A QUARTER OF THE TOTAL NUMBER OF CASES REPORTED OVER THATIM TE. TALITHA: THIS COMES AS THE NATION HITS A GRIM MILESTONE, THE U.S. SURPASSING 40 MILLION TOTAL CORONAVIRUS INFECTIONS. >> THIS PARTICULAR VARIANT HAS ATTACKED THE ADULTS AT FASTER RATE, IT’S ATTACKED OUR STUDENT POPULATION AT A FASTER RATE. >> WE’VE GOT TO GET THE SCHOOL SYSTEM MASKED, IN ADDITION TO SURROUNDING THE CHILDREN WITH VACCINATED PEOPLE. TALITHA: HEALTH OFFICIALS WORRY IT CLDOU GET WORSE AFTER FAMILIES TRAVELED OVER THE LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND. NEW RESEARCH SHOWS THAT FLU SEASON IS COMING FAST AND IT COULD BE MISERABLE AMID THE COVID-19 PANDEC.MI CHRISTINE: THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH CONDUCTED TWO STUDIES AIMED AT PREDICTING HOSPITALIZATIONS DURING THE 2021-22 FLU SEASON WHILE I’'S DIFFICULT TO PREDICT THE FUTURE, EXPERTS SAY A COMBINATION OF FACTORS COULD MAKE THIS WINTER PARTICULARLY TOH.UG ESPECIALLY AS CHILDREN ARE BACK IN SCHOOL AND BECAUSE THE FLU WAS MINIMAL LAST YEAR, PEOPLE WEREOT N EXPOSED TO THE VIRUS POTENTIALLY UNDERMINING THE PROTECTION THEY’D NORMALLYAV H PRESIDENT BIDEN IS SET TO ROLL OUT A PLAN TOMORROW. TALITHA: THE NEW WHITE HOUSE STRATEGY COMESS A THE VIRUS IS UPENDING RETURN TO OFFICE PLANS AND SOUNDING ALARMS AS CHILDREN HEAD BACK TO SCHOOL. ALICE BAR HAS MORE FROM WASHINGTON. PRES. BIDEN: I WANT TO THKIN -- REPORTER: PRESIDENT BIDEN REMEMBERING THE LISVE LOST TO THE COVID PANDEMIC. PRES. BIDEN: I WOULD LIKE TO PAUSE FOR A MOMENT OF SILENCE. HUNDDSRE OF UNION WORKERS ANY SOCIAL WORKERS THAT HAVE DIED FROM COVID-19. REPOER:RT HE IS MEETING WITH HIS CO-GOOD ADVISORS AND PREPARING TO ADDRESS THE NATION TOMORROW ABOUT A NEW SIX-POINT PLAN TO BATTLE THE DELTA VARIANT THAT IS STILL SURGING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. IN HARD-HIT IDAHO, THIS HOSPITAL TURNING A CONFERENCE ROOM INTO A CODVI UNIT, AS IT QUICKLY RUNS OUT OF SPACE. >> PATIENTS BEING HOSPITALIZED ARE LARGELY UNVACCINATED. I MANY OF THEM ARE YOUNGER AND THEY ARE GETTING SICKER FASTER. REPORTER: PRESIDENT PLANNING TO DOUBLE DOWN ON PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS TO GET MORE AMERICANS VACCINATED, ESPECIALLY THOSE UNDER 40 WHO ARE LAGGING BEHIND. HE IS EXPECTED TO ADESSDR PLANS FOR BOOSTER SHOTS. AND HE IS UNDER PRESSURE TO OFFER MORE GUIDANCE FOR SCHOOLS WITH THOUSANDS OF LARGELY UNVACCINATED STUDENTS NOW BACK IN THE CLASSROOM AND MANY STATES BANNING MASK MANDATES. >> ABSENT MASKS, WE DON’T HAVE THE SOCIAL SPACE WITHIN THE SCHOOLS IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO OPERATEAF SELY. REPORTER: COVID OUTBREAKS HAVE ALREADY CAUSED 1400 SCHOOL CLOSURES IN 35 STATES. DYAN AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS SAYS CASES AMONG KIDS ARE RISING. MORE THAN 250,000 CHILDREN TESTING POSITIVE LAST WEEK ALONE. NONE IS MORE THAN A QUARTER OF ALL NEW CASES NATIONWIDE. IN WASHINGTON, ALICE BAR, NBC NEWS. TALITHA: TAKING A LOOK AT THE VACCINATION NUMBERS AT THIS TIME. IN NORTH CAROLINA, 55% OF THE POPULATION HAS RECEIVED AT LEAST ONE SH.OT 51% IS FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19. ROUGHLY 10.6 MILLION DOSES HAVE BEEN ADMINISTERED ACROSS THE STATE. CHRISTINE: IN VIRGINIA, NELYAR 65% OF THE STATE’S POPULATION HAS RECEIVED AT LEAST ONE DOSE. A LITTLE MORE THAN 57%S I CONSIDERED FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19. MORE THAN TEN MILLION DOSES OF VACCINE HAVE BEEN ADMINISTERED IN VIRGINIA. TALITHA: THE STATE SENATE HAS APPROVED A MEASURE THAT WODUL LIMIT THE GOVERNOR’S POWERS DURING EMERGENCIES. THIS BILL REQUIRES THE BILL REQUIRES THE GOVERNOR TO GET APPROVAL OF AN EMERGENCY DECLARATION FROM OTHER STATEWIDE ELECTED LEADERS WITHIN SEVEN DAYS. LAWMAKERS WOULD ALSO NEED TO SIGN OFF ON THE DECLARATIOINN ORDER FOR THE GOVERNOR TO EXTEND IT BEYD ON45 DAYS. THE BILL NOW GOES BACK TO THE HOUSE FOR FINAL APPROVAL. CHRISTE:IN POLICE IN CHARLOTTE ARE SEARCHING FOR A SUSPECT ACCUSED OF KILLING A HURRICANE IDA EVACUEE FROM NEW ORLEANS. 29-YEAR-OLD MALIK MOORE IS WANTED ON A FIRST-DEGREE MURDER CHARGE. INVESTIGATORS SAY GABRYELLE TT -- OF NEW ORLEANS WAS SHOT AND KILLED SUNDAY NIGHT. POLICE SAY THE CRIME SCENE WAS IN A RAILROAD YARD NORTH OF UPTOWN. ACCORDING TO POLICE, MOORE IS ALSO ACCUSED OF ASSAULTING A WOMAN ON CHARLOTTE’S LITTLE SUGAR CREEK GREENWAY. >> HE IS A VERY DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL, AND IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT WE GET HIM INTO CUSTODY AS SOON AS WE CAN. WHAT WE ASK OF THE PUBLIC ISF I YOU SEE HIM, DO NOT APPROACH HIM. LLCA 911 WHEREVER YOU ARE AND REPORT THAT YOU HAVE SEEN HIM. CHRISTINE: MOORE HAS HAD SEVERAL PRIOR RUN INS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT. RECORDS WITH THE NORTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFYET SHOWED HE’S BEEN CONVICTED OF ROBBERY, LARCENY, AND BREAKING AND ENTERING. -- ENTERING IN GUILFORD, CUMBERLAND, AND MARTIN COUNTIES. MALIK MOORE IS ALSO A PERSON OF INTEREST IN A MURDERN I GREENSBORO. POLICE ACCUSE HIM OF KILLING CHRISTIAN MBIMBA OF NASHVILLE, LAST FRIDAY. HE WAS FROM NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE AND HIS BODY WAS FOUND DEAD LAST FRIDAY ON PATTERSON STREET. POLICE TELL US MOORE HAS TIES TO GREENSBORO AS WELL AS WINSTON-ALEM. AND IS KNOWN TO FREQUENT BUS AND TRAIN STATIONS. HE IS BELIEVED TO BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS. TALITHA: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HOMES AND BUSINESSES IN LOUISIANA ARE STILL WITHOUT POWER 10 DAYS AFTER HURRICANE IDA CRASHED INTO THE COAST. UTILITY CREWS SAY MORE THAN 290,000 PEOPLE REMAIN IN THE DA.RK THAT INCLUDES JEFFERSON PARISH, WHERE PEOPLE ARE STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE WITHOUT FOOD, WATER AND ELECTRICY.IT FAMILIES ARE SCRAMBLING AS THEY WADE THROUGH FLOODWATERS IN SEARCH OF SUPPLIES. WHILE THEY MAKE ENDS MEET, FIGHT TO REBLDUI. >> I CAN’T TA IKET. AND NO HELP FROM NOBODY. I’VE GOT MY DAUGHTER HELPING ME. AND I HAD TO PICK UAP GUY TO COME OVER HERE AND PATCH THE ROOF, THE BEST WE COULD DO. I MEAN, EVERYBODY IS DESTROYED DOWN HERE AND NEEDS HELP. TALITHA: THE STATE PUBCLI SERVICE COMMISSION SAID TUESDAY THAT 98% OF UTILITY CUSTOMERINS THE 5 HARDEST-HIT PARISHES REMAIN WITHOUT POWER. CHRISTINE: THE U.S. CIVIL RIGHTS TRAIL WHICH PROMINENTLY FEATURES GREENSBORO NOW HAS A BOOK AND AN AUGMENTED REALITY EXPERIENCE. TALITHA: THAT NEW EXPERIENNCE LAUNCHED TODAY AT THE INTERNATIONAL CIVIL RIGHTS CENTER AND MUSEUM IN GREENSBORO. THAT’S WHERE OUR BILL O’NEIL JOINS US WITH THE STORY. REPORTER: YOU GOT TO LOVE TECHNOLOGY. THE CIVIL RIGHTS TRAIL IS MORE ANTH JUST PRINTED WORDS AND PICTURES. IT HELPS TO BRING THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT TO LIFE. >> YOU CAN CLICK ON DIFFERENT CITIZENS THROUGHTOU THE SOUTHEAST THAT WERE INSPIRED BY GREENSBORO. REPORTER: VISIT THE ENTIRE CIVIL RIGHTS TRAIL. ALL 120 DESTINATIONS IN 14 STATES AS THEY COMTOE LIFE THROUGH AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE. JUST GRAB YOUR PHONE OR TABLET AND USING A QR CODE, BRING THE PAGES INSIDE THE BOOK TO LIFE. >> WE ACALTULY HAVE PROFILES" FROM EACH OF THE GREENSBORO FOUR. >> WE WOULD SIT THERENT UIL WE WERE SERVED OR ASKED TO LEAVE. HOPEFULLY NOT BEATEN BUT WE WERE NOT GOING TO MOVE. >> SEEN VIDEO FROM THE 50’S AND 60’S. YOU’VE SEEN THE REALITY OF IT. IT IS LIKE A 21ST CENTURY POP-UP BOOK. REPORT:ER BOOKS AUTHOR SAYS THE INTERACTEIV EXPERIENCE SHARED THROUGH AUGMENTED REALITY TARGETS A SPECIFIC BODY AND’S. >> WE THINK IT IS A COOL WAY TO GET YOUNG PEOPLE INTERESTED IN THIS STORY. THIS IS A TECHNOLOGY THAT I THINK WILL GET YOUNG PEOPLE TO SAY, OH, THAT’S CO.OL I’M GONNA LEARN MORE ABOUT THAT AND HOPEFULLY IT WILL GIVE GRANDPARENTS AND THEIR GRANDSONS AND DAUGHTERS SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT. REPORTER: THE GREENSBORO URFO AND THE STUDENT MOVEMENT ARE PROMINENTLY FEATURED WITH INTERVIEWS, POSTERS AND MORE. >> MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE SITES BECAUSE LITERALLY WE USE THE PHRASE WTHA HAPPENED HERE, CHANGE THE WORLD AND BEYOND SALEM AND MONTGOMERY AND BIRMINGHAM, GREENSBORO, NEW ORLEANS, AND A LOT OF OTHER PLACES ARE PLACES WHERE HISTORY HAPPENED AS WELL. REPORTER: THE AUTHOR SAYS THE CIVIL RIGHTS TRAIL HAS BECOME A DESTINATION FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS. GREENSBORO CIVIL RIGHTS MUSEUM AS WELL AS THE FEBRUARY 1 MONUMENT ON THE A&T CAMPUS OR TWO OF THE STOPS ON THAT TRAIL. IN GREENSBORO, BILL O’NE

North Carolina A&T State University will honor the 63rd anniversary of the A&T Four and their historic sit-in. On February 1, 1960, four freshmen from North Carolina A&T State University chose to sit at the "whites-only" lunch counter at Woolworths on Elm Street. The four newcomers, Jibreel Khazan (formerly Ezell Blair Jr.), Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil and David Richmond, were denied service. They stayed at the counter until the store closed for the day. In the days and weeks that followed, hundreds of similar non-violent demonstrations took place across the country. Woolworths was desegregated in July 1960. The actions of the A&T Four, also known as The Greensboro Four, marked a strong point in the civil rights movement. Top Stories 'Your Dad Won't Come Home': Man Abandons 4 Children for Gun Violence The theme of the event is 'Embrace Our Past, Engage Our Present, Imagine Our Future'. WXII 12 spoke to Rhyann Gray, now NCA&T -Graduate. “The people who participated in the sit-ins were 17, 18, 19 years old. On the old campus,” Gray said. "Our campus really thrives on this activism, social skills and things of that nature. We are the very image of our ancestors." Get the latest news of interest by clicking NAVIGATE: Home | Weather | Watch NOWCAST TV | to Local News | National | News We Love TRENDING STORIES Watch Very Local TV Shows and Live Streaming.


North Carolina A&T State University will honor the 63rd anniversary of the A&T Four and their historic sit-in.

On February 1, 1960, fourNorth Carolina A&T State UniversityThe freshmen chose to sit at the "whites only" lunch counter at Woolworths on Elm Street.

The four newcomers, Jibreel Khazan (formerly Ezell Blair Jr.), Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil and David Richmond, were denied service. They stayed at the counter until the store closed for the day. In the days and weeks that followed, hundreds of similar non-violent demonstrations took place across the country. Woolworths was unbundled in July 1960.

The actions of the A&T Four, also known as the Greensboro Four, marked a strong point in the civil rights movement.

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  • 'Your father isn't coming home': Man abandons 4 children over gun violence
  • Schools in Elkin City have been canceled after a possible threat, officials say
  • Winston-Salem man killed after parking lot fight resulted in gunfire

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North Carolina A&T State University will conduct it63rd Anniversary of the Seated Breakfast and Wreath LayingOn Wednesday.

The theme of the event is "Embrace our past, engage with our present, imagine our future."

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WXII 12 spoke to current NCA&T graduate student Rhyann Gray.

“The people who participated in the sit-ins were 17, 18, 19 years old. So we literally walked all over the old campus," Gray said. "Our campus really thrives on this activism, social skills and things like that. We are the very image of our ancestors."

Black History Month Events throughout the Piedmont Triad in February

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Triad communities honor late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Hakeem Jeffries makes history as the first black lawmaker to lead a party in Congress

Cleared up: Juneteenth Story

This day in history: The House of Representatives passes the 13th amendment to abolish slavery in the United States.

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