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Hunter x Hunter is one of my favorite series of all time, spanning multiple arcs and genres to tell an ever-changing narrative with hundreds of interesting and well-realized characters.

Ofkiller killersFor the sociopathic clowns and all the cute or noble people in between, I'm going to go over my current favorites from the series.

Shonen let's jump into that!

15.Leorio Paladiknight

The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (1)

Leorio is a young adult who looks like a middle-aged man.

He is driven by his desire for wealth, which turns out to be necessary to cover the costs of becoming a doctor.

Now he is not particularly strong, he can barely use Nen fluently, but he has specialized as an Emitter. Also, his only ability allows him to punch through a surface and send his fist through a wormhole to immediately hit his true target... which, while useful, falls short of some of the fighters in Hunter x hunter.

Leorio wants to help people, especially the poor. And he intends to act pro bono to ensure that he can save as many lives as possible.

While he initially comes across as selfish and materialistic, we quickly discover that he is actually one of the most outspoken characters in the series.

14Fat Pohtoh

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Feitan is small but deadly.

He is the Phantom Troupe's torturer, an expert at interrogating his victims to tell them everything they need to know.

However, he is loyal to his group despite his sadistic nature. He uses a shikomizue blade hidden inside his umbrella, and his Nen type is Transmutation.

Feitan can build armor around himself, which is great. Therefore, any damage dealt to him is diverted into a small sun that burns his opponent in proportion to the damage he has taken.

Not much is known about Feitan, which is what makes him such an elusive character.

His design is also cool, matching the sadistic nature of his personality.


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Shaiapouf was one of the Chimera Ant King's royal guards and by far his most loyal.

Since it is half butterfly, it has two large wings and antennae on its head.

As a person, he possesses an admirable intelligence and is often found with a book in his hand or playing the violin.

He can fly, obviously at high speed, and has enhanced strength.

He is a Nen manipulation user and can embody others with overwhelming Nen, making him a masterful support character.

Shaiapouf can also rebuild his body on a cellular level... suffice it to say that he is a powerful Chimera Ant.


The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (4)

Komugi is a blind genius. A master of the Go-like Gungi-gi board game.

However, she is clumsy and prone to making self-deprecating statements.

When the powerful Chimera Ant King Meruem calls for Komugi to be brought before him, he is furious at her lack of submission. While he is funny enough, he quickly picks up on Gungi's lack of knowledge and skill, and forms an intense friendship with her.

I love Komugui.

She's not a strong character, far from it, and she's not overly complex. But she impressed me a lot.

11Ging Freecs

The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (5)

Gon's shy and stubborn father.

Ging is a legendary two-star hunter who is quite childish. He is not the best father and he knows it. He quite selfish in seeking adventure from him.

But he cares a lot about his son.

For him, he wanted a boy who could grow strong enough to find it again.

We're still not sure which Nen discipline he belongs to, though he displays transmutation, emission, and manipulation abilities along with his inherent strength and intelligence.

Ging is an interesting character with questionable motives, but an endearing personality.

Your complex with your son isone of the driving forcesof the series, and constantly keeps you wondering about his past.


The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (6)

The tall, lanky Kite has a... quirky character bow.

They are stoic and calm, but compassionate to the core.

They were Ging's disciples from a young age, and by seeking him out, they met and inspired Gon at a young age.

His Conjuration Nen Crazy Slots ability allows him to conjure 1 of 9 random weapons to use, each with their own unique properties.

It's barely in Hunter x Hunter, mostly operating before the events of the series and elsewhere during. So when he is officially introduced at theChimera Formiga Bow, only to be brutally murdered, is pretty shocking.

Lucky for you, your Crazy Slots Nen random ability transfers your soul to the closest unborn child: Meruem's twin sister and a Chimera Ant. And a more feminine kite is introduced with a role to play in the tale.


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Pitou is the eldest son of the King's Royal Guard; a half-human half-cat with white hair and a killer fashion sense.

Just like a cat, they like to play with their opponents and play with the despair of the victim.

They are intrinsically powerful skilled Nen users. Furthermore, their ability, Doctor Blythe, allows them to repair almost any injury in a short amount of time, evenbring back the dead like a puppet.

Nefepitou has one of my favorite designs and personality in Hunter x Hunter.

It's managed to walk a cat-like line between cute and awful, and I can definitely vibe with that.

8.Knowledge Zoldick

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The eldest son of the Zoldyck family and a recurring antagonist, Illumi is a deadpan man with soulless eyes.

He is a ruthless and competent killer who is not loyal to anyone outside of his family.

She can use needles embedded with her Nen to alter her face, body, and voice to resemble another person.

But you can also use them forto controlmitorture other people.

Her Nen is based on manipulation, and she is very talented at getting other people to hurt themselves or to hurt themselves.

Illumi is a calculating presence who runs through the Hunter x Hunter plot. Her unique face, with almost no personality, makes it hard to read with any certainty.


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After losing everyone in his clan, the Kurta, to reaping their rare scarlet eyes, Kurapika vows to avenge them all.

Your objective is to assassinate the members of theGhost Group, an elusive group of assassins and criminals.

He wields dueling bokken and concealed knives, but later begins to regularly carry a weapon. His Nen style is that of a Conjurer, allowing him to create five chains that shoot out from the fingers of his right hand.

He can then risk his own life to hone his combat skills through Limitation manipulation. cool thing

Despite his troubled past and goals, Kurapika is an endearing person who greatly loves and respects his allies.

His intelligent and curious mind makes him a tricky opponent and a valuable teammate.

Kurapika is without a doubt one of the strongest characters in the franchise.

6.isac netero

The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (10)

Now we come to Netero, an unwavering old model of selflessness and determination.

All his life, he was considered the strongest Nen user in existence. An unstoppable powerhouse capable of anything.

However, that does not go to his head.

He is a playful and childlike man skilled in Nen Enhancement.

His greatest ability is the type 100 bodhisattva Guanyin, a gigantic entity with multiple arms that he can control.

But that's not his only power! And his overall strength, combat prowess, and determination always give him the upper hand.

He is considered the Guru of the series, the Master to look up to.

He is an inspiring man, having served as the 12th president of the Hunters Association and having survived an expedition to the Dark Continent.

Without a doubt, one of the most formidable characters in the franchise.

5.Chrollo Lucifer

The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (11)

Chrollo is the leader and founder of the Phantom Troupe, a group of thieves and assassins, all with Class A bounties on their heads.

He is a mild-mannered youth with a cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead and a dark aura around his eyes.

But he is always calm and collected, and naturally leads the Phantom Troupe with his charisma.

His loyalty is solely to the Troupe, to the point where he considers them family and would gladly die for another member.

I'd say he's a competent warrior with incredible agility and a quick wit. But it's his Nen Expert abilities that make him so deadly, basically allowing him to steal another user's Nen, including his abilities.

Chrollo is one of my favorite characters due to his gothic revival design, versatile abilities, and cool demeanor that rarely goes beyond irritation.

He is a prominent member of the company.

And one of the most interesting antagonists Hunter x Hunter has to offer.

4.Gon Freecs

The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (12)

Gon is the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter, an enthusiastic and happy boy who yearns for adventure.

After his father left him to follow his dreams of being a hunter, Gon set out to find him.

he is almostbraveand he leaves quite an impression on anyone he meets, despite his small stature.

In addition to his natural instincts (amazing scent, incredible agility), he also has an enhanced Nen type.

Manifest your aura through rock-paper-scissors. The Rock is short range and does the most damage; Scissors is an invisible mid-range blade that grows out of your fingers; and Paper is a long-range charged projectile attack.

Really creative idea out there.

Gon must be one of the most infectious protagonists in anime. He is a cheerful, well-intentioned and determined boy who grows and grows throughout the series.

I would say that its design is reminiscent of the 80sshonenwith a surprisingly modern twist, and he embodies all the tropes of this type of character without feeling forced or over-the-top.

Just an incredibly fun character to watch and see how he interacts with the world.

3.Hisoka Morow

The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (13)

Hisoka is undoubtedly one of the most popular Hunter x Hunter characters.

His jester clown design isabsolutely incredible, changing with each arc to reflect your dynamically changing character.

He is a selfish, violent and complex monster driven entirely by combat.

If he fights a person with great potential, he won't kill him. Preferring to wait until they are a challenge.

His sociopathic bloodlust and tenacious aura allow him to deflect and taunt his opponents to lower morale, before easily going in for the kill.

Now he is a Nen Transmuter and manifests his powers in an invisible, sticky and elastic substance that allows him to commit all kinds of acts.

He's definitely the weirdest Hunter x Hunter character, stealing the show every time he's on screen.

I really can't wait to see how her story progresses!

2.Killua Zoldick

The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (14)

Killua is the youngest man in the Zoldyck family, and like the rest of them, he has an intense thirst for blood, courtesy of his killer genes.

He previously uses Yo-Yos to fight, channeling his electrical aura into them to shock his opponents on contact.

His Nen is transmuting in nature, which he wields through thunder-based attacks.

Killua can shoot lightning bolts from his palms and modify his nervous system to react to things.before they happenthrough precognitive prediction, almost unintentionally.

Even without his Nen, Killua is a fierce opponent with near unmatched speed and a killing desire.

This is how the youngchannel that instinctthis makes him so fascinating, as he is inspired by Gon's passivity and enthusiasm, preventing him from giving in to impulses.

Over the course of the series, we see him dramatically grow into a stronger adult with selfless and caring ambitions.

I love his design, his personality, his attack set. All.


The 15 Best Hunter x Hunter Characters of All Time (Ranked) - FandomSpot (15)

Meruem is possibly the strongest character in the entire series.

He is known as the King of the Chimera Ants and he fits that title.perfectly.

He was born with innate Nen, with no ceiling for his growing strength.

He is an expert with unique abilities and aoverwhelming aurathat he can make most submit just by being in his presence.

I love Meruem.

It has a compelling and well rounded arc with a brilliant conclusion.

Its design is absolutely amazing too. And he steals every scene he's in.

Also, his relationship with Komugi is my favorite on the show and it brought me to tears. I cannot overstate the great character of Meruem.

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