The 5 best paragliding apps for your phone - Flyeo (2023)

The 5 best paragliding apps for your phone - Flyeo (1)


Our paragliding pilots choose their favorite paragliding apps

We use an increasing number of applications on our cell phones. Paragliding is a sport that requires careful planning, and here many apps are dedicated to making the pilot's life easier.

In this article, we will introduce the best mobile apps available on Android and iOS for paragliding and general hang gliding. Handpicked by our own pilots, we've curated the most popular and useful apps for everyone, whether you're looking for an easy top-down, a good Hike & Fly, or planning an epic traverse! We've also included information about each app's features and how they can help you improve your flying.

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weather forecast apps

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Paragliding Time

This app is probably the most used by paragliding pilots. Especially in France, where everyone seems to consult her before any serious planning for the next day.

Displays no-frills cloud base altitude and hourly wind speed and altitude level for any paragliding spot in the world. A very simplified emagram for visualizing potential thermal activity is also easily accessible under the "probe" tab for any hourly parachute point.

Created by Nicolas Baldek, it is available for free on PC for 'today'. For the following days on the computer and, since recently, for mobile access, it is necessary to pay €36/year (or €24/year at the student rate).

Being able to so easily view this vital information when planning your flight just by navigating a map is definitely worth it!

Available in:Android/iOS/Network

Other Notable Apps is a general purpose application that still provides detailed coverage for paragliders. It offers several features, including the ability to display multiple layers of information on the same map, for example, mapping wind direction and strength or cloud base altitude and weather radar, for example. The app also offers you to compare different weather models if you want to dig deeper or if you know that the GFS model, for example, is more accurate than the ECMWF for your location.

meteoblue: This app can be accessed for free with ads. It offers a very comprehensive set of features and is very popular. Forecasts are offered up to 7 days in advance, weather charts, satellite imagery, radar images and a 3-day wind map are also available. Meteoblue uses its own weather model and combines it with third-party ones (such as GFS22, COSMO2 and AROME2) offering a complete view.
Available in:Android/iOS/Network

Meteo Annecy: special mention for this Météo Villes app. It covers Annecy, but also other cities in France and Europe. It is a highly accurate general weather app for Annecy, providing a robust overview of the Lake Annecy area before a deep dive using specific paragliding apps. The service is organized by professionals and provides a broader and deeper long-term analysis. Ads can be annoying at times, all the more reason to upgrade.
Available in: :Android/iOS/Network

Flight planning apps

The 5 best paragliding apps for your phone - Flyeo (3)

paragliding map

The world's most comprehensive app for finding paragliding locations, including comprehensive information on how to access them, flight recommendations and local weather conditions. The application aims to easily answer the question: is it flying?

The free version gives access to the profile of the paragliding sites and includes the direction of the glider as well as the current weather condition.

The paid version, starting at €3.99 per month, gives you access to a range of features. including a three-day weather forecast provided in partnership with several trusted providers (including meteoblue), as well as a 3D view showing paragliding spots and how to approach them during the trek. It's the perfect app for planning a hiking flight or cross-country flight!

Available in:Android/iOS/Network

Other Notable Apps

Observer: This app overlays various types of information on a map, such as reports from live weather stations, live video feeds from cameras, rain radar, etc. Spotair also tries to provide feedback from real users. Anyone can create a "treme”, substantial comments that summarize conditions in the area and confirm what the weather station reports. The words "Climb", "is flying" and so on can be displayed for instant validation before preparing your kite.
Available in:Web Applicationjust

Fatmap: Recently acquired by Strava, Fatmap displays highly detailed maps and lets you log your routes as you walk to takeoff. While it's a general application primarily focused on hiking and piste skiing, lately the development team that includes paraglider pilots is looking to offer features specific to paragliding. A standout feature is the 3D view, which lets you plan a hike and fly, or record a route for easy sharing with friends.
Available in:Android/iOS/Network

Onboard Navigation Apps

The 5 best paragliding apps for your phone - Flyeo (4)

XC track

Enthusiasts of all levels rely on this app, whether during competitions or on your daily flights, as the app allows you to set waypoints to plan your long-haul flight and then follow once you're in the air.

The screen is fully customizable according to your goals and preferences. While setting up the app can be a little tricky since the app is open source, there are plenty of forums and resources available online if you get stuck. Special mention for thisgreat English friendly Telegram channel dedicated to XCTrackwhere someone always has an answer to your configuration problem…

In addition, it is possible to import pre-built configurations. So feel free to borrow your friend's setup. this will save you time.

We also recommend thisExtremely detailed manual provided by Air3, a company that makes flying instruments using XCTrack as its navigation software.

It's worth noting that this app is quite battery draining, so it's recommended that you either charge an external battery or lower your phone's brightness. Tracks are recorded on your mobile device. You can also activate live tracking to share your flight in real time with friends!

Available in:Androidjust

Other Notable Apps

Flyskyhy: There are not many flight navigation apps available for iOS. Flyskyhy is an exception. This paid app is worth mentioning (€8.99 + in-app purchases).
Available in:iOSjust

SeeYou Browser: Available on both mobile platforms, this app is made by flight instrument manufacturer Naviter. SeeYou is incredibly easy to use as it comes fully configured from scratch. However, it is important to note that it is only available with a paid subscription to the Naviter SeeYou suite. Our friend from Cross Country magazinea complete review of the SeeYou appif you want to know more about what it's like.
Available in:Android/iOS

Flight analysis applications

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XC Analytics

Unique: As far as we know, there is only one app available for Android to analyze flight data.

XC Analytics reads your IGC files generated by navigation apps (like XC Track or See You Navigator mentioned above). It then analyzes them to provide statistics and personalized recommendations for four specific flight phases: Elevation, Navigation, Float and Lift. The idea is to help you fine-tune each phase to become a better driver overall.

In 8 categories, XC Analytics generates 63 separate flight statistics displayed in 34 graphs to analyze the flight record. It is also possible to compare two flights side by side. In short, it's a treasure trove of information to analyze your flight.

Available in:Androidonly

Apps to record and display your flights

The 5 best paragliding apps for your phone - Flyeo (6)


It's not exactly an app, it's a website for booking flights. And it can also appear in the flight analysis or flight planning sections.

XContest is the global flight record for all international flights taken by pilots who want to benchmark their performance against their peers. This site allows you to register your personal flights, view similar flights that have been flown on a certain route or compare your international flights with those of all pilots that register your flights. In short, it's an encyclopedia of flying. Yes, you can see yourself flying farther and farther than your partner, but it's also extremely possible to plan a flight by following other people's tracks.

It's worth noting that most flight apps, like the ones mentioned above, integrate with XContest to send your flight log to it with the click of a button.

Available in:Networkjust

Other Valuable Services

Air Tribune: This online service has a similar offer to XContest, although it is much more competitively oriented. It is often the tracking service used for official paragliding competitions.

flight record: Still under development, this service allows you to view your flights in 3D, discover new locations and participate in challenges. With features such as flight plans, trophies, air rose and help with flight planning, this website, created in 2019, aims to be extremely comprehensive.

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